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2018 Can Am outlander 570L DPS


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I haven't been on here for a while as I've been extremely busy with work and doing a bit of snowmobiling over the winter.  My wife and I decided that after last years season of 4 wheeling that we definitely need to get a different machine. The machines that we have (2013 Honda Ranchers)are and have been very great machines, they just don't seem to meet the needs that we hoped they would.  When we do ride 2-up on the trails we ride it is just too rough for my wife.  Also neither have power steering and after a day of 40-50 miles she's pretty worn out and sore.  So I've had one of them listed for most of the winter and last week sold it.  We have been looking for a two up machine and even had problems finding what we want in that arena as well.  Every 2-up we've seen either has 10,000+ miles on it or has no power steering. So we basically decided that we would rather do without the machine being a 2-up and have one that has power steering, Independent Rear Suspension, and automatic transmission like a Polaris, Arctic cat, or Can Am.   We found one that we are going to get and Hope that it is going to meet our needs.  At least it will meet the needs of my wife should she ride solo. We found a 2018 Can Am outlander 570L DPS with only 49 miles on it and still has the warranty. It will be much easier for her to operate, no shifting will be huge.  Have never owned a Can Am before and hoping that it will be a good dependable machine for us. Any opinions about Can Ams?Outlander.thumb.jpg.2d890440d783528d0bb9456a33128d5b.jpg20180331_095424_1522511977650.thumb.jpg.596a7e87a5c1480b25eabd8dd3e51969.jpg20180331_095453_1522511923788.thumb.jpg.e0e18ecdf6eaf8c7ce5e46e7453c6b6f.jpg

Outlander - Copy.jpg


Outlander 570 GRN 011.jpg

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to 2018 Can Am outlander 570L DPS


I should have started here in the first place, thanks for moving it.  I'm giving $6100 for it, the guys wife is "making" him get rid of it as he has too many toys and just purchased a brand new ski boat.  I'm saving about $2000, everything I've looked at around this area that is used is still about $1000 more than I'm paying.  I cam across a 2017 that is identical that has 2500 miles on it and they want $6500 for it.  Local dealership is selling it brand new for $8100 so am coming out pretty good I think.  I just haven't been around or ridden any Can Ams out on the Mountain trails.  Having just sold one of my Ranchers I only have to come up with about $1500 for a brand new machine.  I'll keep you guys posted.



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Well, I  ended up getting my Can Am delivered to me on Monday, It was raining when I left the house and snowing when I linked up with the guy to pick it up at his Hotel, we made the exchange of $$$ and machine, received the title and I was on my way. It was truly a blessing to not have to drive the 1000 miles and 16 hours round trip to pick it up. got it home, put it into the garage and cleaned it up from all of the road spray, mounted my front bumper and mirrors that I had pre-ordered and put it to bed for the night.  Today I picked up a cargo box for the front rack and  got that mounted, I am now in the process of making a seat for the back rack.  This is going to take a while to get this accomplished as I have some fabrication to do then will deliver it to the upholstery shop to have it foamed and covered.  After that will mount the rear foot rests then tackle the issue with removing and replacing the ridiculous factory hitch.  The engineer that came up with that one sure had his head buried somewhere that the sun doesn't shine.  Hitch bolts go right through the aluminum housing of the rear differential.  Stuuuuuuuupidddddd!!!!! All in all I think it will be a great machine for my wife, she will  definitely be more comfortable than I will while we are out riding. Will post pics of  my progress.  Here are a few to start. In the driveway after picking it up, then a pic of the front bumper, mirrors, and cargo box installation. 




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Finally got my "2-up" seat finished for the Can Am, trails opened up on Saturday but has been raining solid for the last 5 days and that makes for some very dangerous and uncomfortable driving conditions on our mountain trails.  Seat turned out pretty well and is easily removed.





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