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Trevor Swizzle

2010 Arctic Cat 700 TRV, Transmission is slipping?

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I know nothing about four wheelers/engines in general, I've had this thing for less than a year. It's an automatic transmission. You push it into high, low, neutral or reverse. When it's in reverse it's fine, but when going forward the tranny is slipping though. Neither my dad nor I know how transmissions work on these things. He says if it's like a chainsaw, then it won't cost that much to fix. Otherwise though, it'll cost tons. He kept telling me to look in the manual to find where the dipstick is for the transmission oil. I looked and looked and can't find anything about it. There is only one dipstick and that's for the engine oil, as far as I'm aware. Only thing in the book is talking about what recommended type of engine/transmission oil to use.

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Is there a belt on that transmission?

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We need the year and model of the machine.

In general they are a CVT transmission with a wet clutch. If the belt is slipping you would probably hear a squealing noise. If it feels like its slipping with no noise, it could be the wet clutch shoes, most likely cause is using oil that is not wet clutch certified. You have to use the right oil in these machines. If you use regular engine oil, it contains friction modifiers that will cause the wet clutch to slip and burn up eventually.




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Third picture you posted is the cover for the CVT. You can download a free service manual which has all the specs and guides in it for free at countrycat.com , look under technical section. You will need the year and model to download the correct manual.

My pictures are from a 2010 366, similar design, only difference will be the part number for the belt. I replaced this belt because of the cracks on the inside of it. Width was still good, and no glazing on the sides.


If this is slipping, you would hear it squealing, if your not hearing a squeal, I suspect you have the wrong oil in the quad and its your wet clutches slipping. If your not sure of what oil you used, change it out to the right stuff.




0921171840 (Medium).jpg

0921171844 (Medium).jpg

0921171844a (Medium).jpg

0921171844b (Medium).jpg

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