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looking to trade for an ATV (4x4)

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Located in knoxville tn asking 4400 OBO would just rather trade

88 wrangler 10"lift automatic front racing seats with yellow and black covers rear matching seat cover hard top with dark tinted windows full hard doors with dark tinted windows the doors have the little quarter window that opens cb with retafier and amp (not hooked up) light bar 4 kc lights 3" tach (factory tach does not work) new clarion speakers ( no radio) great heat no a/c 35x15.5 tsl/sx swampers 15" black steel wheels newer torque converter newer flexplate/flywheel new weber 34/36 and hei swap stock carb and stock distributor remanufactured 258 4.2 strait 6 huge new battery new timing chain and timing chain gears (steel not the nylon crappies) I think it has 4.1 gears the axels are out of a 4cyl which come with 4.1 the rear spider gears are welded (poor mans locker) new rear ujoint newer front ujoints new bikini top (nice one not a cheapie) When I installed the new carb it was running very rich, I bougth a cheapie fuel pressure regulator and installed it and I am not getting gas to the carb now i am thinking it is the junky regulator so havent messed with it since so it will need to be tuned .....Also may need a new starter soon, grinding from time to time and it needs a new console other than that jeep is in excellent condition no rust at all, currently the jeep is sitting in my garage without the hood on because I cant open the hood in the garage since it sits so tall ( I can put it back on no problem) I still need to put the front drive shaft back in also. INTERESTED IN TRADES WHAT DO YOU HAVE PLEASE NO PROJECTS, I AM DONE WITH THEM LOL I AM INTO ATVS (4X4), DIESELS, OTHER JEEPS CJ'S XJ'S FSJ, OR MAYBE A GOOD 4WD TRUCK....NO BIKES CARS OR 2WD LOWRIDERS.... Email me with questions or offers

[email protected]

Here is links to pics






















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Your picture links do not work......

I tried to edit them using the tags but that didnt work either.....Use the Tags that photobucket provides you in your Album where the Thumb Nail Pictures are....

Good luck,,,Hope that helps....

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