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Anthony Mehalek

98 Yamaha Warrior 350 Bogs down Mid RPM

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I'm thinking about trading for a 98 yamaha warrior 350.

The current owner says it bogs down in the mid rpm range. It'll sometimes stall and die when riding it due to this and can only go around 35 40 mph.

They've done the top end and put a new carburetor on with no success. They disconnected the brake sensor and says this has made it ride better but it still bogs down.

They believe the carburetor needs adjusted.

I've only seen that it may be a cracked intake boot or something electrical.

Any help or input is much appreciated. It's a nice looking quad with an aftermarket bully bar, back storage rack and new tires. I'd be putting about $800 in trade for it. Is it worthwhile or may be a basket case?

Thank you. 

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I would lean on checking the air flow first and then mess with the carb. If they redid the top end or made some modifications, the carb may be jetted wrong and a new jet could solve the issues.

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