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1998 Polaris Trailblazer rear shock mod/upgrade help


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I would like to modify the rear shock on my 1998 polaris trailblazer to raise the rear end to help make it somewhat level with the front.  The rear end really sags, which I am guessing is due to the shock spring.  The spring isn't broke though.  I have seen others insert spacers on their springs to do what I am looking for, but I haven't found information on my specific wheeler.  Does anyone know if this is possible, or have information on this?  Or can you help me find information on a stiffer spring, or possible an entire shock that might be an upgrade, but not break the bank?  


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Yeah that looks adjustable but it looks like you don't have anywhere to go to get it tighter. This is probably why people have tried to shim it. I would look online for a performance spring/shock assembly or even a new stock spring. The spring is probably weak if its sagging.

1998 Polaris Trailblazer rear shock

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I am worried about getting a "used" spring, and it being weak like mine seems to be.  

And I am having troubles finding a new one, which is why I was looking for other options.

I also heard that the scrambler shocks will fit on trailblazers, does anyone know about this?

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