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Kevin Campbell

1984 Honda TRX200 Rear Hubs Questions

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Hey guys I’m new to the page but I have a question for those that may know. I am fixing to purchase my first quad. It is an 84 trx 200 that is in really good shape from my father n law. My plan is to restore this bike to make it look really nice and be dependable. I would like to have some really nice wheels on it at some point and I know the rear hubs are 4 x 150. I have read on a few forums that you can use other rear hubs that have the 4x110 pattern. This would solve my wheel problem that I may have. Does anyone know what hubs I can use and if anyone has even done this swap. The hub is 24 spline. The same for a 300 ex. This quad needs some Tod but it has been kept out of the waether for most of its life and runs good. I want to do a complete restoration to preserve this fine machine. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I edited your topic title a bit to hopefully get you some responses. You can try using the search to see if there are any older topics similar. Once you get to a higher activity level here,  you can download the manual if you need it:


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