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Mike Lee

Can-Am Outlander 450 I CAN HELP

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New to this forum.  I have done all the Can-Am training for technicians but have only worked on the 2016+ Outlander 450's.  I've taken apart the Outlander down to the frame and know all the issues these things have.  They are excellent ATV's.  Right now I'm taking care of a fleet of 450's with well over 10,000 miles on them.  If anyone needs help with 450 issues let me know. 

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      Hey peeps, so I’m about to change out my steel cable for a synthetic with a smooth aluminum hawse instead of a fair lead. (Did this on my old Canam and liked it a lot better) I know there’s mixed ideas on steel cables vs synthetic, but I’ve had that discussion already. for how I use it the synthetic works best for me.
      What imma ask about here is are there any tips on switching the cable out on our CF machines? Or is it basically the same as any Warn-type ATV winch? Cuz like CFMOTO uses these Winchy McPullerton brand ones (which really does seem to be the same as any other winch I’ve had,) just haven’t messed with this one much in the way of maintenance yet, so I figured I’d ask about any surprises. I also like that the roller fairlead nuts are captured in the frame. That part was a PITA on my canam cuz they were free, but hardly any room back there to brace them.
      CFMOTO has done (IMO) a great job on these machines making them a lot like what were already used to in terms of design and common style parts so I anticipate this to not be much different. Just figured I’d ask. Thanks for any input.
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      Replaced battery, relay and starter. Turns over and starts part of the time and other times just rapid clicking. 
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