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This is my Rhino, it was blue but we got the Full Bore body kit for it. Makes it look much better. What exactly do you want to know.3070.jpg

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Can I be your Brother for a Week in Oregon???????

I do want one.......I want to know if they are Comfortable for long Periods of time....Reliable...Modable(I know they are but Dollar for Dollar which is the Best) you know.....The Consumer Reports Stuff.....The older Carb. Vs. EFI Etc. Etc.

SPILL IT!!!!!!!!

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myself..not hating on a rhino here would go with an RZR.

i mean for the type of guy you seem like.. they are faster and mod very well.

the rhino is more of a workhorse IMO.

the RZR has a very low center of balance so flipping isnt that bad of a prob.

i have seen them work well in dunes as well as mud.

but if you want something that you would use for work as much as play i would go rhino.

primarily play. go with the RZR. very fast i have heard..but rhinos dont take that much to go fast..

but the RZR is easier. cause..well its already fast..

just depends on what your doing.

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One of my concerns with the RZR is that will only ever be able to seat three with a Different Seat.....I have 5 in my Family and I could buy the Bench Seat and Cage for the Rear.......Ive Seen both in the dunes and they seem to do the Job....the RZR is a Bit Faster Stock though.....

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The Rhino responds very well to mods. I have an FMF pipe on mine which all by itself made a huge difference. Trailblazer was correct in some aspects but the RZR is on a quad chassis. Because it is narrow it fits on more trails, but it is very unstable in a high speed turn. They are kinda top heavy. I perfer carb over EFI personally. Black Rhino performance sells a plug and play super chip for the rhino. This alone adds about 10mph and increases throttle response. If you want a wider stance on the rhino you can just flip the rims around. The Rhino has great power at all levels, as long as your tires will grip, you can climb it. There is plenty of storage, unlike the RZR. It comes with a standard 3" receiver. You can take your ball right out of your truck and use it. It can tow up around 1200lbs. Anything else you want to know?

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Ha Ha, it happens. The RZR is a great machine, but it is limited on space to carry stuff. Like you said MWKE, you have 5 people in your family. You could buy the bench seat for the back and fit your whole clan in there.

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