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Sheared bolt...what to do?

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2004 Kawasaki Bayou 250.  Changed the differential fluid and was reinstalling the "fill bolt"  (bolt than comes out to let the excess fluid drain) with the 10mm head and it snapped off.  It's not too deep but it is a small bolt.  Suggestions needed on how to address.  I was considering bolt extractor bits but it's such a small bolt I'm not sure that's a smart call.  Thanks

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You  can get slick guides used to  center  pilot holes for  installing  door hinges.  Replace the right twist drill  bit in the appropriate sized one with a  left twist  drill  bit  and use it to  drill the  broken  bolt. The  bit  guide will  center the drill  bit  and prevent  you going off to the side and messing up the  hole and bolt,  and the left twist drill may extract the bolt as you drill.  If it doesn't,  you will  have a centered  hole in it  to  use a regular extractor on. Here is a link to the  set  I'm  talking about offered  on Amazon.  The set would be handy  for a  lot of projects that require a well  centered  drilled hole .



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Thanks @davefrombc!  I picked up a reverse drill bit set last night and got it done.  EASY fix.  Thanks for the great advice.


Any idea the size for the replacement bolt?

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I  can't help  on the  replacement  bolt,  but if you take the threaded part  of the broken one  to  a place selling  metric bolts  you  can  match it up there. According to  a chart I found  a bolt with a 10 mm head is normally  6 mm diameter, and  has a 1 mm thread pitch.

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I did just that.  It's actually a 6mmx8mm flange bolt.  Local Kawi dealer didn't have one in stock but I found a allen head 6mm bolt at Lowe's that worked.  I had to throw in a couple of split washers to take up the extra length but it's nice and snug now with no leaks.  Now that I know the actual part # I'm going to have the dealer order it next time they order parts.  Thanks for all the help folks!

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