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    • By Tuzz
      Bucking started about a month ago and works ok after 1/2 hour warmup.  Today while working on it i discovered that if i put the ignition switch in LIGHT position it runs fine right from the start.
      I'm stumped!  Any idea why this could be?  

    • By hardcastle
      My friends KQ 300 starts fine and runs, as soon as you put it in gear and try to accelerate its bucks and farts like crazy, not moving... I cleaned carb and it worked good for 1 day... now back to same problem.... could it be such as a bent valve????
    • By prdicon
      South Florida.

      How much it worth?

      Pros: looking decent.

      No brakes.
      Front wheel bearings are shot.
      Idles, but sometimes will shot off. Most likely when cold.
      Gas smell and little bit steam in the air filter box when I started it.
      Display screen won't work.
      Tires are dry with cracks.

      Not sure if has title, I will check and update.

      How much do you think it worth?
    • By lbdrummer3
      This beast is quickly becoming a money pit...  Need folks input on deciding to make it run or sell it off for parts.
      Background.  It's been sitting in my neighbors yard in Wyoming for an unknow number of years, at minimum, 5+ probably more.  The oil filter was last changed in 2007 if that's any indication.  It's been beat to hell, probably died and left to rot.  They were just happy to get rid of it.  
      The first thing I did was checked for spark.  Figured out that the left handlebar grip switch was grounding the ignition out, fixed it and we have spark again.  Rebuilt the carb and flushed the fuel system.  In cranking it over by hand, I could tell it had great compression.  The 3 magic item to make her run.  I got a new battery, sprayed a little starting fluid down the airbox and she fired right up!  Ran it for a while and it doesn't want to rev out on the top end, more on that later.   It didn't even smoke either and I'm getting excited at this point! 
      Next was the transmission, will it move under its own power?  This is where my excitement ended. The output shaft turns on the transmission side and just outside of where the sprocket goes, it is cleanly severed.  Also, when I put it in reverse, the engine dies.
      Here are the things that I know are wrong with it.
      Critical, Output shaft is broken.  Does anyone know where I can get an aftermarket output shaft?  Guessing Polaris would be pretty proud of that part if they even make it anymore.  I looked on the net for one and couldn't find anything.  Also, does this have a type I, II or III trans?  I think it is a Type III Critical, Shifting into reverse kills the engine.  Could be indicative of the shifter being worn out.  I think I saw a work around for that on Youtube. Critical, Cooling fan is toast.   It appears to be a sealed unit, tried looking to see if I could get it apart and I can't figure it out. Front frame under the luggage rack is bent and also a down tube broken at the weld.  My family has 2 welders in it so no problem there. Handlebar on off switch doesn't shut the engine off but it does turn off by using the key. Critical, Gas tank is cracked, I repaired it with 2 part epoxy but that is probably a temporary fix so I may need a new tank if I keep it. Critical, All of the chains are shot and need to replaced. None of the dash lights work.  The light in the right 4WD handlebar switch doesn't work. Missing the speedo and cable doesn't turn (not a big deal) No title on it.  Not planning to go on public land though, just need a ranch quad. Seat needs to be recovered. Missing left side cover. Rear rack is bent and broken in several spots. Rear shock is pretty springy for the first several inches of travel before the oil dampens things out. Critical, Engine doesn't rev out on the top end.  Starts popping and just wants to stall, could be running lean.  The clip on the needle was in the top most position though. Things untested.
      Critical, Don't know if the lockers on the front wheels even work.  When I hit the 4WD button, nothing happens but that could be because of the output shaft being broken. The electrical system has been monkeyed with.  There is a sensor on the driver side of the cylinder with a wire coming out of it and nothing to plug into.   The thermostat wires are disconnected from the main board and one side is just cut. The wires to the fan were cut and a manual switch was installed to turn it on and off.   Not sure what wheel bearing surprise I may find. What else could be wrong inside of the tranny once I get it apart. So far, I've just bought a battery, a new diaphragm for the carb, and an oil filter so not into it for very much.  I just need a working quad to haul stuff around my 21 acres.  It doesn't have to be pretty, just needs to work.  I am mechanically inclined and could probably rebuild the transmission myself.  I've seen some older Yamaha Warriors, Honda Formans, and Yamaha Big Bears for $1500 from time to time, sometimes a little less but the all need some love.  Is fixing all of the 7 critical problems on this going to end up costing more than I could buy something else in better shape for.  I'm not opposed to cutting bait on this thing and moving on.  The only good things is the engine runs and doesn't smoke and the tires are good and holding air.
      Thanks for your input.
    • By Wookard
      I am not sure if there is a part number or a name for the end covers to make it easier to look for replacements on these.
      Missing both so would be nice to see if there is actually a replacement part for just the covers.
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