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  1. def not a good idea... your better off picking up a used set of rims ...it wouldnt be pretty loosing a wheel going 60 mph...
  2. check it out...put some footage together when i went out today...its my first one ...ill get better at using windows video maker as i go...let me know what you guys think... ATV Video: ripping - Category: ATV Riding » QUADCRAZY ATV Community
  3. another great raptor site...for whoever hasnt already heard of them... Yamaha Raptor Forums - Index
  4. trust me you'll get used to it...i use the steel tip of the boot to shift my gears ...took a little getting used to but once you get the boots broken in you'll be fine..they are pretty stiff when there brand spank...
  5. haha....always promoting those death trikes lol to each their own...i ilike trikes there awesome but thats old technology....show me a 4 stroke fuel injected trike and im game ...:rolleyes:
  6. I ride a 2006 700r...I chose it because i wanted something that could haul... like stoopidbot said...i like to go fast too...although the type of terrain around here would be better suited with a utility I still love my raptor and i dont think i would trade it for anything..it has all the power and torque of the 450's plus it has reverse and reliability...(not saying the 450's dont) but my raptor has about at least 175 hours on it and its still running as good as new... I think that the real reasons of choosing a sport quad are because there so fun to throw around ,you can go up pretty much any sand hill around and mostly they haul....
  7. haha nobodies perfect...lol:elvis:
  8. ya im pretty sure it would be ideal for a dry type riding conditions where as the terrain would be mostly dusty..they say it is water resistant aswell...
  9. Motoworks has developed a non oil air filter..... check it out Motoworks
  10. mines worth 7647.75
  11. btw when did you notice it was glowing was it juring the day or at night?
  12. actaually for most aftermarket exhaust on 4 strokes the head pipe will turn cherry red...ive heard this b4 not a big dealsigns of running rich or lean will be backfiring... rich will backfire out the exhaust pipe and lean will backfire out of the carb/airbox...hope that helps.. if your bike isnt backfiring id say your fine...
  13. im a member of atvfan, atv connection and raptorforum.. i personally like atvfan and raptorforum out of the 3 but raptorforum is by far the best site for me for tech advice go figure...lol.

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