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I own a 2007 TRX450ER, I chose a sport quad because I have grown up racing on 2 wheels. I like to go fast. The 4x4 quads didn't really meet what I wanted in a quad. They have some that are plenty fast, but I like to ride dunes and tight fast trails. Every now and again I like to hit the big jumps.

I chose the TRX because I stand at 6'2". All the other quads that I sat on felt to small. The TRX feels like it was made for me.

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I own a 04 YFZ450 and its the first quad that I had ever been on.....had never even sat on a trike before I got this quad. I had owned several street bikes in my earlier years and finally decided that I wanted a quad and when this was coming out all I read about was how bad it was going to be. I have gotten other quads since this one but this is still my favorite to ride on :biggrin:

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I own an 87 Suzuki LT250R and I bought it because I wanted to go fast and jump more. I had a 96 Kawasaki Lakota 300 that my wife now rides. I plan on getting another utility quad sometime but I just like the smaller lighter quads for the type of riding we do.

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i chose my 400ex cuz, ive always like the sporty style, and throwin roost in friends face, and showin off.

i ride mostly trails and plan to race gncc so i chose the 400ex b/c it has reverse. and it fits me like a glove.

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I ride a 2006 700r...I chose it because i wanted something that could haul... like stoopidbot said...i like to go fast too...although the type of terrain around here would be better suited with a utility I still love my raptor and i dont think i would trade it for anything..it has all the power and torque of the 450's plus it has reverse and reliability...(not saying the 450's dont) but my raptor has about at least 175 hours on it and its still running as good as new... I think that the real reasons of choosing a sport quad are because there so fun to throw around ,you can go up pretty much any sand hill around and mostly they haul....:)

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Hope you guys and gals didn't mind me adding why to this topic. I just wanted your opinions on this. Also like how 08Raptor350 said why he picked the 700 Raptor over a 450. Reason being this could help someone trying to chose a quad.

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i got the 400ex b/c

1. reverse over the 450r's

2. im a honda guy, and my buddy already had a z400 and i didnt wanna copy him

3. honda reliabilty(not sayin suzuki, yamaha, kawi isnt reliabile)

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I have a 2002 polaris Scrambler 4x4 400 i got cheap being someone owed me some money i also just picked up a 2003 polaris scrambler 4x4 500 at a good price.. I wanted to see how much of a difference there is in the power which is a pretty good difference between the two. Both machines are great rides though:yes:.. Maybe in the fall will get a Sportsman 800 EFI





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i have a raptor 700 also.. choose it over a 450 because i think its better suited for all around riding... the efi was a big plus also.. it feels at home on the trails and on the track... plus the thing rips... also all the 450's i have been on feel cramped to me..


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Ooops!!! I was gonna Post in here but realized it was just for Sport Quads....Not Quad Spanking Trikes:laugh:

haha....always promoting those death trikes lol to each their own...i ilike trikes there awesome but thats old technology....show me a 4 stroke fuel injected trike and im game ...:rolleyes:

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