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  1. Whitehead's Red River Mudbog Whitehead's Red River Mudbog, Inc. Has anyone been here or know anything about the trails at this place? Wondering if I would be better off taking my Grizzly over a sportquad here?
  2. Do you like any of the old blues? The road that we live on had several juke joints back in the 20's era and one was even on the property that our house sits on now. Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, BB King, etc. has played on our property at one time or another here years ago....in fact Robert Johnson was poisened just a few miles from our house.
  3. I totally agree that even with a 4 stroke those two things will increase a lot of life in the engine
  4. Well I can kick butt with my CD player Listen to a little bit of everything from the late Robert Johnson to Ted Nugent.....BUT can't do country music at all.
  5. Its funny to me that I have always heard of several different ways to break in a motor.....taking it easy the first tank of fuel.....timed rpm's with cooling off time..... and riding it like you stole it. Well after talking to one BIG engine builder in the quad business I have been going with the "you stole it" without any problems on the last two that I have rebuilt.
  6. Got some rain and bad weather this morning and they are calling for more rain this Saturday and Sunday Just glad the real nasty weather with the tornados was just north of us this morning.
  7. Glad someone is getting on a track.....this summer blows so far....we have had major thunderstorms with tornados the last several Fridays ruining any chance of getting on our local track for the weekends.....they are calling for more bad weather this Friday too
  8. In last months Quad magazine there is an article from a local here that uses nothing but polaris's now. It is so funny to me because the main reason he started using them is because they were the only ones that had Mossy Oak camo and Mossy Oak is one of his big sponsors.....the funny part is that I have heard this guy comment several times about how he never had any problems for yrs with his Honda's and how his Polaris's stay broken down.
  9. And lets not forget boots......really sucks to drive three hrs to spend two days camping and riding trails and gettin your boots soaked and wet on the first morning.....learned on our very first weekend outing that you can't have enough dry and clean gear
  10. Here is what I usually throw in the truck when I go to the track or trails.....one set of Thor AC gear and two sets of Thor Phase gear.....4-5 goggles....several different sets of Thor socks for different lengths depending on what riding style I will be doing....... Just got this new gear a few weeks ago.....two Thor AC pants....two Thor AC jerseys and two Thor phase pants.....Dennis Kirk had a clearance sale that I couldn't pass up even though I already had these same ones.
  11. I like to fly.....here is a pic of me on a tabletop....longest one I have cleared so far is just over 70 feet.....have a few tabletops on this track that is 120 feet that I hope to clear in the next trip or two there. Here is a pic of some trails I made last year that has this one stepup that is fun to play on.
  12. There was just a good article on helmets in Quad Magazine explaining on how they are rated
  13. I would seriously consider getting a MX helmet over a Street bike helmet.....they are rated different for different type of impacts.....Most Street bike helmets are not made to take a direct hit on the dirt....they are made to take punishment from sliding across pavement but I am sure one would be better than nothing.
  14. As far as ground clearance goes.....here is a pic of Bill Ballance on his YFZ450....if you know what you are doing you don't need 11 inches of clearance.....In my four years of riding quads I have never had a problem with clearance on my YFZ450 or Raptors
  15. Nobody in our area has the TRX700 yet. For the record....I prefer a straight axle on a sport quad. The only quad that I have with a IRS is my Grizzly and I have rolled it several times and never had a problem with my straight axle sport quads on the same trails.
  16. Yamaha's will stay together better......I only know of a handfull of folks that have bought an outlaw in the last year and all of em have been into the motors at least three times in the last year replaceing pistons. One of our best friends just quit working at our local Polaris dealership and went back to our local Honda/Yamaha dealership....I could write a large book on all of the stuff that he showed me on brand new Polaris's just unloaded off of the truck and stuff missing/broken right from the factory
  17. For the trail riding that you do I would go with the Raptor 700
  18. On my sport quads I wear my helmet, goggles, gloves, mx jersey, mx pants, mx boots and if on a track I will wear my chest protector. On my Grizzly I will usually just wear Tshirt and jeans with my helmet, goggles, gloves and mx boots.
  19. Yeah I am a few hours west of Starkville over here almost on the Ms. river.....our son will be going to Mississppi State University in Starkville in a few months so we will be going over there a good bit I'm sure. Haven't been to the trails there in Starkville yet but that is where I am planning on hooking up with our son when we go to meet him for visits if there is much to it. Home Page
  20. How close are you to Starkville Ms? My son will be going to College there in a few months and we will be checking out a trail system there real soon.
  21. Nothing wrong with getting a fixxer upper but with a play toy you have to expect the unexpected unless you know the person you are buying from. I have only bought one used offroad toy and it was from someone that we ride with. This guy bought a new offroad bike, rode it for three hours the first afternoon he got it, bought a quad the next weekend and never got back on the bike.....it was four yrs old when I bought it with only three hrs of ride time for half the price of what a brand new one would have cost me.
  22. Did yall know that this quad was going to need this much work when yall bought it? Thats ok if yall did and wanted a fixerupper. I could have gotten you a sweet deal on a Raptor 350 and wouldn't have to put a dime in it. One of the guys that we ride with bought it for his wife two yrs ago and tricked it out with all of the GYT-R accessories....his wife rode just a few trail rides with all of us and hasn't gotten back on it....the last price he quoted me was around $2800 with everything on it....the only reason I haven't gotten it is because I have no where to store another quad.
  23. Got to choose and pick the right battles.....with my luck the paint would start pealing after a few hard rides and rust would be popping up all over....I would have held off on getting some of the accessories that you can add on at anytime and spent the money on the powdercoat and had one less thing to worry about in the long run.
  24. Its not that expensive if you search around....I used to chat with a painter on another quad site that was powdercoating frames for folks on that site and chargeing them $100 to $150 depending on what they wanted....next time I have to go through my engine I am going to have my frame and certain engine parts powdercoated while its down. I would rather have the paint wear off with normal wear instead of chipping and pealing off.
  25. So are yall going to have the frame powdercoated or just spraypainted?

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