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  1. Try wearing the brace at night. It may (will) be uncomfortable at night but it helps alot. Got the same problem. Also just work on stretching it as much as you can, just stretch until you feel pressure not PAIN. I do this a lot at work and it helps me a bunch. Every time I land hard it brings it back up but we both know were not parking our quads. But really work on the stretching, it will help! Those little therapy balls you sqeeze help also. If you crack your knuckles stop now, it doesnt cause arthritis like people think but it will weaken the tendons and muscles in your hand fast.
  2. What part of WA are you from? I spent my high school years in Olympia.
  3. I agree man, there is nothing like a two stroke but you can really get comfortable with the lt. I rode two stroke dirt bikes forever but I really enjoy my YZ and not sure if I will ever go back
  4. At Camp Pendleton, I was there from 92 - 97.
  5. Yeah , Im not positive but when I was stationed in California I think I've been to one of thier shows. They got a great sound also.
  6. I pretend to play the drums but wouldnt dare call myself a musician. Hey stoopidbot1 there is a Sublime tribute band called Wrong way. They play here in the south around GA, AL, and TN. ---- WRONG WAY: A Tribute To Sublime ---- That should be there site and they also have a Myspace page. I just saw them play Saturday, have been to many of their concerts and they always do a great show.
  7. Yeah I use that, but for some tricks it's nice to grab right under the seat. I found one site but was just looking for a few ideas before I cut into my quad. Thanks for the reply though!
  8. Looking for any info on how to make (or purchase) a seat with grab handles. I see them all the time in the videos but can never seem to locate much info on one. I have a 06 yfz450. Thanks for any help. Rajah
  9. Just started riding again. I did alot of motorcycle racing in Cali but haven't raced for several years. I have been in Alabama for a little bit now but I am definitely interested in racing my quad. Just bought a 06 YFZ450, I am somewhat new to quads but have been racing just about everything else since I could walk.
  10. Your a few hours away.What college? There is a place I went to yesterday that has great trail riding but there MX tracks and jumps are not very forgiving. Land to short or long and your not gonna have a good day. It's called "the Ridge" it's located in Springville Al . Contact Information, The Ridge, Motorcycle and ATV Off-Road Riding Club
  11. Probably about hour and a half.

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