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What UTV do you ride???

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Im about 3K shy right now of Buying a Rhino.....I was thinking about a RZR but The Rhino has many more options for my Family...Ive never Rode in one though...Im just wondering just how comfortable they are...I have a Bad Lower Back:laugh: But from what I see Upgraded Seats are not a Problem if you want to spend the money....

My Dealer still has a 06 or 07 Carb Style in Stock....I can get a Killer Deal on it but I am thinking the EFI will be MUCHO BETTERO....

What are your feelings on it.....????

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I personally like the carb, just because I don't know how to work on EFI. The new 08 models that have the EFI also have upgraded, adjustable shocks with res. The 06 and the 07 have adjustable shocks, just not piggy back. I love the ride in our Rhino. It handles great. As for your lower back, there are after market seat, but I recommend a small lumbar support. They sell foam rolls that you can strap to your seat. This will give you some lower back support. The Rhino also responds very well to mods. I put a FMF pipe on DrtyGrlKristin's rhino. That alone made a huge difference. The stock pipe is very restrictive. Next I will put a high flo air filter, probably K and N. Black Rhino Performance has all kinds of mods. Were also gonna get a super chip for it. This increases top speed to about 55-60 mph. It gives it better throttle response. Our Rhino has a very plush and comfy ride, the shocks are adjustable, wth a little time you can dial it in perfect for you. I highly recommend a Rhino as a family toy. Very easy to drive. If you can drive a golf cart, you can drive a Rhino.

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Thanks for that Run Down!!!! I dont know why but I never did put you Two Together until now....!!!!! Now I can Really Talk Some SMACK!!!!

Anyway,,,,,I hear you on the Carb Thing...Everything I own has a Carb and I can Work on them...My Dealer told me one of the Biggest Differences was that the Carb was a little bit harder to start....Have you found this to be a Problem????


After Looking at everything I can get for them on the Internet.....Its possible that this can lead to a Divorce and me in Debt about 22K...LMAO!!!!

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I hear ya, She doesn't let me look at the websites that sell mods anymore! LOL Never in warm weather. It fires right up. When it is cold outside, I pump the gas pedal about 10 times, then turn the key. It will fire right up. Don't pump the gas while turning the key, do it before. I use this same method on my quad in cold weather.

As far as me and DrtyGrl, we are engaged. We're getting married on Sept. 20 2008. They wedding will be in Estes Park, Co at the hotel from the "Shining". It is called the Stanley Hotel.

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Re: bad lower back...

I have 2 herniated and 2 bulging and I find a racing kidney belt helps me a lot.....

I'm going to try my actual lumbar brace in the near future and see how that goes...

Tom D

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What the Hell is she with an Ugly Geek of a Guy like you???? Very nice.....and Again congrats....

Me and some Friends up on our Snow Trip at Diamond Lake OR....Never got to ride....But we drank that Bar Dry....They didnt know if they were going to be able to serve us if we stayed 1 more night:laugh:

My wife and I are on the left in the Picture...(orange Jacket and Old Navy)


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You found an 07 for 8500? That's good, ours was about 12000 in 06. Make sure you get the one with the digital dash display. Has a speedo and a clock, plus will tell you milage for trip A or B. Including total miles on vehicle. Hours of running time. Lots of helpful stuff.
Digital dash is pretty nice option , not to hard to install either.A better CDI is one heck of an improvement to.
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Ok,,,,so the Freaking thing is 113 1/2" Long....To the First Cabinet on my new Trailer is 113"


I could take the Front Bumper off and that would give me an extra 1 1/2 too the Front Tires....But then I wouldnt be able to take anything else....:aargh::confused::laugh::aargh::confused::laugh::aargh::confused::laugh::aargh::confused::laugh:

Soooo,,,,,,Now my next option is Tag my 6x10 utility on the back of the 5er......:huh::wink::biggrin:

Im not gonna Buy anything until I know I can take everything if I need to...:no: I dont want a 10K Flower bed in my Front yard:no::confused:

Ill be working on the New Hitch next week maybe.....

Its ALWAYS SOMETHIN!!!!:realmad:

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Guest craigneasttx
Looks like fun! You can take the whole posse along!

We bought it for the ranch, but it quickly became our favorite ride. Had to go from a 21' to 28' toy hauler to get it and four wheelers to Mud Nationals and to atv/utv parks. It is governed to 25mph but is a blast when riding, drinking beer, and watching everyone act a fool....

Wife usually goes with me, but when she doesnt, it takes about 5 minutes and they are packed in.

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