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  1. This was up in Tower City, PA. The mud was like glue that day!!
  2. I hate riding bitch! I'm way too much of a control freak!!
  3. No you have to go on one!! You don't even feel the water unless the weather is bad. We had one rough day, but I just got my mind off the slight swaying by gambling in the casino! We went to the Bahamas and Bermuda it was a week of ecstasy! We had sooo much fun. The great thing is you can dress up one day if you feel like and bum out the next. There's tons to do, but it is pretty expensive. I loved it...can you tell? ;-) I have lots of pics from the cruise on my myspace page feel free to stalk me... I'm MySpace.com - JAMIE - 31 - Female - SOUTH HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY - www.myspace.com/jerseyjamie I also have a ton of dirty quad pics too!
  4. Here's a pic of me and my man from a cruise we went on last year.
  5. Sell it and buy a bruteforce! hahahaha
  6. My boyfriend and I own 2007 Bruteforce 750s and I just bought my 7-year-old son a no name quad for christmas! We love the trails. I love the mud and my bruteforce hasn't let me down yet! He loves the speed and power. We can climb a hill, pop a wheelie, anything...It just keeps going!
  7. What do you guys think of the Kawasaki Teryx? It is supposed really bad ass!! It uses the same engine as my bruteforce.
  8. No problem! Also, I have a couple of quad pics on Offroad Girls website if you guys feel like checking them out! (they are captioned Jamie Perone)

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