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Bayou 220


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Welcome to Quadcrazy. Yes there is def a manual available. You have to be proactive in 10+ posts before you are able to download a manual which will be simple. Seems like a lot of bayous posted these days esp the 220 and 300’s. I’ve jist wrapped up a project 220 and a few other members on this forum are working on a few 300’s so any questions I’m sure you will get answers to here.  So what’s the deal was it a barn find ? Sitting around ? Did the old owner give you any background on the bike? Any pics ? 

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@Alan Callison @GlenI 

Yes it can be expensive but worth it also.   As far as the non starting it could be the main fuse next to the starter relay, a bad safety like a neutral safety switch, or something locking it out like a bad ignition or kill switch. Download the manual and post the wire diagram and I will help you out where I can tracing the source.  

As far as The bayou 220 goes @GlenI its going to be fun to do.  Get  familiar with the manual as soon as you are able to download and again you will find everything you need here info/helpwise.   It’s only a machine and there is always an answer. Bad or good but there is an answer.   


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One thing I forgot to say is whenever I have things apart I’m a huge fan of taking care of something else that’s in the area.  For instance I did my 400 bayou cams over.  While the head was off I did the valve seals! The seals came with the head gasket. Never tackled them before but said how hard could it be ? Better yet how hard would it be to swallow the pill 💊 after putting that head back together to just find out it’s blowing smoke from a bad seal! So before you slap it back together take a good look around and see what else is in that area of work that you could take care of during the initial repair.  Just sayin.   

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