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Today we had a trip to our neighbour country Sweden. We left Norway on a ferry this morning, and drowe all the way back to Telemark in Norway on our atv`s.

It was a 200 km trip in -8 celcius ( 124 mile in 17,6 fahrenheit). It was a cold, but a good trip.




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Holy Crap! They have On The Runs in Norway!?!??!!??!

Can't we keep our hands off of ANYTHING!?!?!??!?! LOL!!!!!


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And here is a video from the trip.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SU1HTWQwo4]YouTube - Påsketur 2008[/ame]

Thanks to Mr.Stormo for the film


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Cool looks like a great trip. That is some cold weather though. Looks like you were well dressed for it.

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