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2007 Honda Foreman 500ES won’t downshift


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  • Ajmboy changed the title to 2007 Honda Foreman 500ES won’t downshift

Are you getting any codes on the dash? 

Unfortunately with these bikes there are quite  a few things it could be and most likely one or two in particular. 

First off is take all the plugs off and check for moisture.  Get some dialectric grease and apply it to the inside of each connection before you plug them all back In. 

Second thing and the most likely culprit is the angle sensor, it’s located at the rear lower section of the motor.   It has a plug going to it most likely grey. The wires on it are blue, yellow maybe brown as well and a black.   This sensor may be bad.  

Third may be the sensor on the carburetor if it’s carborated.  It’s called a throttle positioning sensor. And some times the screws loosen up and it moves. It’s located on the side of the carburetor and has a plug as well. Two screws hold it in place and you will find slots where the screws are to adjust it. But be sure you mark it before you move it so you can re set it where it was should it need to go back to that spot.  

There is the mechanism that changes the gears   It’s a small motor  sometimes the brushes act up in the motor. 

The battery is also a big factor as far as voltage goes. Make sure your battery is up to par. 

You should be able to find all of this info and the exact location on your bike in the manual

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I would check the idle first- had a friend that has a recon es and his wouldnt shift out of reverse unless you turned it off- simply because the idle was too high and the clutch wasnt disengaging.  Turned the idle down, been working like a champ since

Also, when did it first start this?  Any event that might have caused it like taking it through water (maybe go into the shifter motor or something...)

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