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Chel Sea Jay

Need help with puchasing

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Hi everyone,

My fiancé is on leave for the military and every time he goes away I surprise him with something upon his return (last year was a tongue ring). This year we bought a house in the middle of no where NY with 25acres and trails behind it. I want to surprise him with an ATV. He has sent me a most recent picture of a Grizzly 700. Unfortunately my budget is 4-6k and I have searched craigslist, auto trader etc.. and cannot find any preowned worth buying used at this time. I'm wondering an equally good and fair priced ATV that will make his eyes light up. This would be his first ATV so he's not biased to a brand but clearly recognized the Grizzly and naturally wanted one (probably just for the name). So can you guys help me with something similar that I could find within my price range. I am looking for something relatively newer (2012 and up) between 4k-6k. I know he has Suzuki sport Motorcycle that he's in love with (not sure if that even matters or helps). I  really am not familiar with ATVs and what brands/models are actually good. So maybe just a list of what direction I should be looking in.

Thank you!

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I think like @mikeexplorer said, you can get a 400-500 cc atv within your price range. 700 cc will be tough and you'll have to go used. Looks like you are in NY so check out this topic:


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