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Question for the mx racers?

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What exactly do you guys get as far as prizes and money goes for winning races and season championships?

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When I raced it was just trophy, as far as I know the only people that make REAL money are the pros.

I've been in races and won like a $500 prize, but nothing crazy.

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yupppers...basically, as with most racing, even GNCC harescramble racing...unless your a pro, you're not making money...however companies do sponsor the "little guys"...

LIKE ME :) So, If I continue to do well, I can get more sponsorships...which is usually discounts/free stuff....

So you're not winning money, but you can still race, and you're not spending as much money....

Hope that helps?! I've raced both MX and Harescrambles...MX you get trophies mainly, Harescrambles you get plaques...

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Just trying to find out why we can't get more people to flattrack racing. Seems like the risks out number the rewards for mxing and the rewards out number the risks for flattrack racing.

Mini quad: 50% payback + trophy for 1-3, @ every race. The top 3 in the championship points get stuff from my sponsors including free oil for oil changes, t shirts, airbrush work, & parts @ my dealer cost.

Beginner quad:50% payback + trophy for 1-3, @ every race. The top 3 in the championship points get stuff from my sponsors including free oil for oil changes, t shirts, airbrush work, & parts @ my dealer cost.

Pro-Am: 80% payback + 1st place trophy every race, top 3 in the points get the same as above with a free port & polish to the winner, & hoosier jacket.

Open-Pro: 120% payback + trophy for 1st place, top 3 in points get the same as above again with the port @ polish, and hoosier jacket.

Our trophies for the championships are 6" tall for 1st and shorter for 2-3rd.

All racers get Hoosier tires @ cost.

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wow, that's pretty awesome....Nick (my husband) on the championship in the C class last year for harescrambles and at the banquest they gave him a free set of tires from Maxxis...among other things.

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the big prizes come when you race a whole series. if you participate a lot in a race series, they're more apt to give you better "prizes."

so, to get the good stuff, find a decent series to race, and stick with it, the whole season...have fun with it!!!

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I have done many many full seasons with Whiplash racing in Arizona. I had minor sponsors, paid entry fee, gas, basic stuff like that. Anything helps! Only the pros got the good stuff. Johnny Cambell and David Knight actually did a few races in the circuit. Shows you the caliber of the pro class even in that series.

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