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So I have my very first Atc still. My dad gave it to me when I was very little (was brand new; one owner bike), and it has needed just two repairs over the approximately three decades: replace/repair pull-start. 

Any ideas of some simple & not so simple mods/upgrades for this classic? I'd LOVE to swap the tranny for one with a real clutch, personally...possible??


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That’s a great bike but honestly a bike like that I would leave as is.  Maybe at best is a new set of some good tires. If you start messing with mods to a bike like that I think it won’t react very well and could open up a can of worms.   

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Those little tri zingers are worth a grip and lose value as you mod them. I would think routine maintenance such as carb refresh and so on would be the extend if what I'd do to it.  I've looked for a decent one for a while and there just aren't any here. The few that have survived are usually trashed. 

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None, I think you misunderstood my posts. I would leave it be.  These bikes are not a “mod” type bike.  The trike racers came with a clutch and we’re more friendly  to modding.  

Sounds like yours is more of a trail bike. If so I would try my best to keep it in as best shape possible and in tact and stock.  These bikes are getting tougher to find in that condition.  


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I gotcha now. I'd only seen one reply...but I finally saw and read them all! 

Thats crazy that these are becoming hard to find (to me), bcuz they are great bikes for a kids first bike (at least I thought so. Yes this bike of mine was a gift to me when I was in probably kindergarten. I have keep it all these years. And at no point in time has it ever stopped running. Its just solid and reliable, and is pretty low maintainable.  I also think that it's looks are aging well. It has kept its "new" appearance well. In other words, it doesn't look dated as it's peers. I know that's not the most important thing to look for in a bike, but it matters. And not every bike can pull that off. Lol

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I'm not trying to get rid of my little bike any time soon, but when/if that day ever comes, what do u think a good asking price would be? My bike has had one owner, never wrecked it, original everything & it's been kept in a shed, garage, or the living room since I first got it in 1987. It's in wonderful condition, honestly. Has no problems at all & has not once been broken down. Its a solid child's ATC.  I'm not at home right now, but I'll upload a picture of it later on, when I am. 

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