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Clutch slip - ever tried a little more pressure?


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Passing thought here and thought I'd pitch it to the group for debate.  I'm working through a Kodiak which is basically a Big Bear in a heavier bike and the same as about anything Japanese made for 30 years as far as clutch function and design goes.  This Kodiak is odd though in that the centrifugal clutch slipped a bit with good clutch material remaining and the main clutch pack seems to slip a bit as well at high RPM but also still has good clutch material left.  Much like the Kawa race bikes from what I've read.  Do you think it's an option to add a thin washer to the pressure bolts to put a bit more pressure on the main clutch and force it to use a bit more of the clutch material before having to replace?  There's seriously like 50% of fiber left on the main clutch pack and it seems silly to replace it all before it's truly worn down.

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Given that the clutch packs are maybe 1/8th of an inch thick and those have lasted 26 years, i would think 1/16th of an inch might buy a couple of years.

Just thinking outside of the box.  It just doesn't make sense that it would be slipping with 50% of clutch material left; but it doesn't seem to be all that unusual.  Just seems like odd planning on Yamaha's part.

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I've read the kFX450 wears out at 50% and you need to put stronger springs in it so it doesn't do it again. That's where I'm getting the idea that maybe the kodiak is the same. The 220 bayou though would grab fine with just enough fiber remaining to cast a shadow. Crazy how they are about all the same but have little behavior quirks. 

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4 hours ago, XWrench3 said:

if it is the clutch PACK slipping, then yes, a set of washers may help for a while. stronger springs would be a better choice.  it also could just be improperly adjusted.  but if its the centrifugal clutch slipping,  you may be out of luck. 

Centrifugal clutch I regrooved and worked the drum smooth. Seems to pull fine until you hit WOT so I'm pretty sure it's a clutch pack issue. Thanks for the input. I'll try readjusting when it's back together and if that doesn't work shim the springs a bit. 

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Update on this one: rear ujoint on the front driveshaft took a crap, got the yoke in a bind, and dropped the middle drive gear on the ground, shredded the yoke, snapped the transfer case in half.   Yes, completely broke it off and it hit the ground.  On the plus side though, i picked up a complete transfer case from Grumpy's for $85 and another $30 for yoke and ujoint and started putting it back together last night.  It's going on the market as soon as it's back together.  This one is a turd, too many previous "mechanics" have about ruined it.

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