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  1. i think i bought the same petcock from ebay. i took it apart because i figured someone put it together improperly. the one i bought was made improperly. the reserve position CANNOT function because it is not made right. prime and on work fine. but when you are out of gas, your walking. i rebuilt the original. more expensive, but i will not have to walk.
  2. i would warn to be careful with any rubber objects like diaphragms, o rings, needle tips, etc. some brands of carb cleaner will destroy them (i learned the hard way). so i don't soak any of them. i just wash them in the fluid they are supposed to be in contact with. i would add, that if the carb is extremely green and slimy, and needs to be soaked, the Yamaha carb cleaner (comes in a quart bottle) works great.
  3. if it is the clutch PACK slipping, then yes, a set of washers may help for a while. stronger springs would be a better choice. it also could just be improperly adjusted. but if its the centrifugal clutch slipping, you may be out of luck.
  4. absolutely not. that method of cooling is just fine. in the past, i have sprayed cold water across the radiator of a v-8 engine (with it idling) because it was overheating. no damage in the couple of times i have done that. but that was in the OLD days, when engines were made heavy. i would not recommend doing so now unless it was an emergency.
  5. could also be a u joint in the propeller (that is what they call the drive shaft) shaft going between the engine and front differential.
  6. i have never seen one of those. what i do know, is that it may get your quad to run, but it will NEVER run like it should, because every engine has its own ignition advance curve. and a generic CDI will have a generic curve, IF ANY. i KNOW CDI boxes are expensive, but it actually controls the way that the engine makes power. accurate timing is a must have just like accurate fuel mixture.
  7. the 3 most common things i have seen cause erratic running on these is 1) a plugged fuel tank vent (either improper routing or our friendly mud dauber hornets). 2) is a tiny hole in the fuel pump diaphram (at idle there isn't enough fuel draw, and at WOT there is so much of a pulse it can overcome the leak), and 3) is a delaminating intake manifold. they can delaminate internally as well as externally, so its not always easy to see. the test for the manifold leak is to have the machine idling (engine just warm enough to run without choke), and spray the manifold with water while grabbing the c
  8. XWrench3


  9. well, with shop rates upward of $60.00 per hour, it does not take long at all to eat up $200.00. but,IF removing the fuel tank REQUIRED removing the engine, they certainly should have notified you. most states have regulations on what a MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIR center can, and can not do. if i were you, i would check into them. at least in my state, a motorcycle/atv/snowmobile/ etc. repair center MUST be licensed, AND they have to follow the guidelines. if they do not, they can only charge you a certain set amount ($20.00 here), and they HAVE to give you the machine back in the condition it was i
  10. i was a Suzuki Mechanic from 1983 to 2009. in all that time, i only saw 2 Suzuki atv's with transmission problems. so they are rare. have you tried adjusting the "automatic" clutch? there are actually 3 clutches in all of these units. a centrifugal clutch, which is strictly rpm operated, and truly is automatic. a manually actuated clutch, which "automatically" is engaged and disengaged every time you shift. and a deceleration clutch. which keeps the engine engaged on deceleration, or long downhill grades. that is completely automatic also. the manual clutch is activated by the shift lever. eve
  11. have you tried eBay? you can usually buy used parts there for much less than a dealer will sell them to you. but i have to tell you, a LT230 Shaft was not a real popular seller. so you may be looking for a while. if you want new, your local Suzuki dealer should be able to do a "dealer inventory search" or at least create a post for parts wanted that will go out to all the Suzuki dealers in the states. it is part of their parts ordering system.
  12. most likely it is either the coil, or spark plug cap. i have seen many spark plug caps go bad in the 35 years of repairing small vehicles like this. a quick way to check that (in your case) is to run the engine until it dies, then just remove the cap, and push the wire onto the end of the spark plug. if the machine runs fine, there is the problem. funny thing is, a bad cap will eventually take out a coil. as far as how the machine makes spark, as the engine turns, it rotates a flywheel. inside of the flywheel there are magnets. on the side of the engine under the flywheel, there are a series o
  13. those old Dodge Power Wagons are the coolest 4x4s ever made. they were made even before me, but retain their looks much better. lol.
  14. yes, easy to rebuild. but there will be a lot more than just a piston. if it has such bad compression that it will not run, it will need to have the cylinder bored oversize to get the cylinder walls straight. one of the problems, is as the cylinder wears (along with the piston) is the walls become egg shaped (top to bottom). in part because of all the ports (holes in which the fuel/air/oil mix moves thru the engine). and as the piston wears, and gets quite loose, it actually rocks enough to have actual metal to metal contact with the cylinder wall. much more then when it is new, and tight. thi
  15. the biggest thing is to be calm and be thorough. getting upset will either cause mistakes, or worse. if something gives you a lot of trouble, walk away from it for 10-15 minutes, drink a soda, clear your head, and go back at it. if it still gives you trouble, walk away from it for the night, post on here what is giving you trouble, and see if one of us can help. i have seen a lot of damage (and i have been there myself on some of my own things) when you struggle with something you do not understand. i remember doing a brake job on my first car, and getting so mad i took a rubber hammer to the

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