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  1. ive read a couple forems about this but on diffrent machines dose the inner boot have to be remover to replace outter boot or can i just change outter boot also once ive removed boot how do i get the joint apart?
  2. I brushed off his comment when I noticed he was a 14 year old kid,we already know how to put gas in our bikes that's the only advice I would take from you, what did your mom buy you a bike you clean the carburetor and just because it runs now your an expert, if my comment doesn't help this guy mabee itll help somone later, next time you don't like my comment go piss into the wind youll get more accomplished
  3. White Let it run for a while today seems to be getting better I'm thinking just take it to the trail and see what happens
  4. you have the rear end removed right? I just rebuilt mine it came right out of the rear end when I pulled motor I didn't have to remove the 4 bolt on the motor side, just the 4 on the rear endside
  5. my86 says 1.7L I just rebuilt mine and put about 2.6L
  6. just got my motor back together and its still smoking not as bad as before but smoking pretty good still, the motor had a bad valve and one of the head bolt seals where bad and was dumping oil into cylinder so there's a lot of oil in the tailpipe cause the guy I bought it from ran it around his farm and didn't care about the smoke just bought a new plug when it fouled, could the smoke im seeing just be it burning off what's in the pipe? Bike doesn't smoke to bad when idling just when giving it gas? bike has new rings, new valves, new top end seals, new aftermarket trx carb bout an hour break in idling in my yard, the head shop said one valve seat was in spec but barely could that be the problem? any suggestions are greatly appreciated
  7. my brother let me barrow his 03 vinson and i noticed on his if i dont push the foot brake all the way down it will not shift into park (will not shift into park if you pull hand brake mabee need to be tightend?) btw his is an automatic
  8. ok so ive decided at giving building a new cdi from scratch sence a new cost over 300 and you never know what your getting used so any tips would be very helpful ive got circuit testing software and looks like i have it working i just need to know the volts and hertz coming out of the w/l white and blue wire on the cdi thats going to the coil mine is dead so i cannot test it
  9. i use this site for all my manuals all the one i have bought where $5 Sell Files Online: Affiliate Program, Software Downloads, Digital Downloads
  10. where did you find the did I'm in need of the same part thanks
  11. The one im workin on is a 1989 I also have a 98 javent started lookin at it yet I have limited @orkspace due to my bayou im rebuilding and my hnda xl185s im restoring figured it out cdi is bad thats why it worth it to get a manual they tell you what to check and if it dont read right there you go now im in need of part number 32900-19b00 please let me know good places to check of course ive checked ebay but the cheapest one is 75 bucks and they dont know if it works and no returns
  12. I need to know how to read the vin witch one tells me the year i got 2 of them
  13. I posted this in general before I see in there is a suzuki forum so asking here because I'll probly get better results I just got a lt4wd its a 250cc not $ure of year Im not getting any spark when pull starting dse it have o have a batery to get spark And in the vin wha thankst am I looking for to find our year
  14. I spent about an hour running all the wires down they look good I dont havw mt meter its in storage but im going to get it today I have a battery in storage im just wondering if im wasring time trying to figure it out having no battery in it

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