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2014 Polaris Phoenix 200 will not go forward

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Yes, he said he went though water, and yes it revs out in forward. Do you think I should change the belt? It is the original belt. 

4 hours ago, Frank Angerano said:

No i was thinking more along the lines of seeing if any small pieces of gears ⚙️ Come out or any burnt smell etc.    


Ok, I’ll try that and change the belt. Because I never heard any sort of grinding. 

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1 hour ago, Ajmboy said:

Does it rev out in forward? Did it go through any water? Like @Frank Angerano said, check the belt..


But the machine does go in reverse, do you think it still could be the belt? When you put it in forward and push it it doesn’t really seem like it’s in gear, when you put it in reverse and pull it backwards it kind of bucks a little bit, do you think the belt would allow that?

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  • 6 months later...

 I had this problem over the weekend. The ATV would not go forward, it would go in reverse until it got under strain (backing onto a trailer). Researched it found this page. After reviewing the suggestions, I pulled the drain plug, a lot of water came out. No smells, no metal shavings just dirty water. I let it dry over night. Cranked it, pulled it off the trailer, rode it for a mile easy and then climbed about a 5 - 8% grade with no problems. 

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