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Does anyone know the difference between these two regulators (2001 quadmaster lta500F)?

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there are two part numbers that come up for the voltage regulator

32800-44D21 model Y
32800-44D31 model K1

I don't know which one to get .
how do I know what model the ATV is?

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I can't find anything that specifically tells the difference but I notice in consulting the googles... the 44D31 is most often mentioned for motorcycle and 44D21 is most often mentioned for the Quadmaster.  And Amazon lists the same knock off regulator replacing both the 21 and 31 models.  So who knows. 

Is there a part number anywhere on yours to cross reference?

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Posted (edited)


this is the parts diagram...would be nice if there were something more as to what is Model Y and Model K1

I did get the following from an ebay seller
32800-44D21 is 1362912516503 **ASU6022 is for years 1998 to 2001**
32800-44D31 is 362868291780 **ASU6023 is for different models and years 2000-2005**

I went with the 21 as it IS a quadmaster...

"Is there a part number anywhere on yours to cross reference?" - well the one on there is actually a replacement from 2018 and it failed so not sure if that is the right one...I'll check tomorrow. I don't have the one from 2001


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found an online vin decode page (not automatic)...but it appears I have a year 2000 quadmaster not 2001

my vin comes out to 
J - japan
S - suzuki
A - atv
M - 400-499cc
4 - 4 stroke
2 - design sequence 2
A - design sequence A  "123456789ABCDEF...." - this is the 10 design sequence letter of A
0 - check digit
y - model year  2000(Y), 2001(1) (or K1)
2 - factory code
107100 - serial number

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