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Just getting into the ATV discussion

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I just started looking around at some different ATVs. So far the Griz 700, Kodiak 700 and the Brute force 750 has caught my attention. I would really appreciate it if anybody could give me some input on these 3. Maybe compare them for which is best for the price tag. Looks like the Brutes tend to be a tad cheaper. Would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks

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are you looking for new or used atvs?

i prefer polaris but of the three you mentioned, i like the kodiak 700.  its the same as the grizzly but more compact and better for the trails ond more comfortable to ride.  the seat and handlebars are lower than the griz so its easier to mount and handle as your rounding tight bands on the trail.

the kicker is although the seat and handlebars are lower, you still get the same ground clearance and raw torque that the griz carries.

the reason the grizzlies still sell is cause they were the origanal beats with the grizzly 660 back in the day so everyone has heard about them.  id go with the kodiak

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The brute force has a real problem with throwing valves into the piston on one of the cylinders.  Think it happens around 1200 hours maybe?  I forget, there's some common age where they ALL do it.  And it ruins the head, cylinder, valves, piston, etc.  It's a pretty tragic failure.

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Other than the Bayou line, the only Kawasaki I see for sale are a few older King Quads, great machines BTW, and broken brute force 750s. The broken 750s you cant give away down here. 

Oddly though, the Kawasaki Teryx 1000 may be the best sport UTV on the market. Dependable and fast as a turbo razr. 

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