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I know this is a forum for atv riding areas but I want to know if anyone out there knows of places to drive jeeps. About a year ago my brother put a lot of money into his jeep and after a month of spending all this money the only off road place we knew of closed down. If anyone knows were trails for trucks could be either in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, please tell me any info you know.

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Hi, I live in Northeastern Pa. The area I ride my atv is shared with jeeps and all kinds of 4x4 vehicles. It's called Campbell's Ledge. There is probably around 100-120 miles of trails to explore with some really challenging terrain. It's five minutes from my house and I ride there all the time and I'm sure I haven't found all the trails yet. There are some really breath taking views from the tops of 3 mountains and excellent bass fishing in a swamp area and two huge reservoirs. I'm 45 minutes south of Binghamton, NY, and around 1 hr from the eastern NJ border. Not hard to get to. If you'd like to hear more about it let me know.

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The great thing is that it is free. It is not a park specifically designed for atv and 4x4 riding. It is just a rural area where people have been 4x4ing with their vehicles from what I understand for around 20-25years. Nobody ever bothers you. If you meet someone they will be friendly and probably offer you a beer. Its near small towns where most of the off duty police do the same. The trails are all over, you just have to explore and explore to find them. There are mountaintops with amazing views looking over the Wyoming Valley and Susquehanna River, creeks to cross and a 150 ft. waterfall (really hard to find, I don't even know if I could explain how to find it). Like I said, I've been riding there for years and haven't found all the trails yet. I've met the owner of the land in the forests up there a few times and all he asks is that no one litters or gets hurt. You're good to need a good 6-8 hours to spare cuz you will need the time to explore and find some really cool areas.

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No problem. Mapquest will get you close, but you will need specific directions as to how to get on the trails and I can tell you basically how to get around on them. It's really not hard to get there off Interstate 81. Just e-mail me at [email protected] or I will periodically check this thread to see when you need directions. Maybe I can even get out on my quad and show you around. What kind of terrain do you like to drive on with the jeep?

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Hi Roody, I'm green08bigbear from that other site. The place is great for quads. You will need a lot of time there to find all the trails. There's everything you want for riding your quad. Tight trails, technical stuff, creeks, rivers. There's even an old coal breaker area that is great for jumping and climbing steep coal hills. And Outlander, it's off of a side road and once your on the trails you can get pretty far away from the road. Its hard to see all the trails on google maps but there all around those reservoirs and swamps.

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I am comming from eastern NY and would like to stay overnight.

Is there any motels/camping and can you ride the Quad from the motel / campsite to the trails?

where is the best trail head ,are there many trailheads?

it sounds like there are miles and miles of trails, is there any place you can not go?

can you fish and camp on the reservoir ?



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  • 3 weeks later...

Has Anyone Ridden This Area ?

Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated

I Would Like To Go There But Do Not Want To Ride 100 Plus Miles With Out Knowing Any Thing About The Area

1) Where To Park

2)where To Ride

3)where To Get Food Supplies If Needed

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