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    • By dtbprc
      ok here it is- a new sport?

    • By Gunny
      Took a ride to see how much snow we had up where I like to go track'in, but because of a drift about half way to where I wanted to go, I had to turn around & ride some lower elevations. Had a GREAT DAY as always !! :partyc:
      [ame=]26 Nov 2013 Look'in For Snow - YouTube[/ame]
    • By spartanracing43
      The latest vid from Natural Terrain. Christmas Valley sand dunes. Check out our channel - spartanracing43 on youtube

    • By quadcrazy
      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by .
      Description of Video: This is another video from YouTube
      Video Tags: Stunts
    • By 08raptor350
      check it out...put some footage together when i went out today...its my first one ...ill get better at using windows video maker as i go...let me know what you guys think...
      ATV Video: ripping - Category: ATV Riding » QUADCRAZY ATV Community