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1998 Suzuki LTF500F clutch adjustment question

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I am fairly new to quads, but am mechanically inclined enough to work my way through engine issues. Transmissions/clutches, however, are a little beyond my understanding, and that's where I could use a little help today. I've got a 1998 Suzuki LTF500F I got for cheap last year, and with a little bit of tinkering got it running and riding. When riding it rolls through the gears just as smooth as you could ask for, but at idle and when the engine is off it's really difficult to shift, and sometimes it just won't shift at all. Looking through the manual I've found the clutch adjustment screws, but haven't really found any info to suggest how to adjust those screws to properly account for the issue I'm having. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      Just checking in again to see if anyone might have found a service manual for my quad? I looked thru Oxs list & nothing. Perhaps there is one out there that isnt posted? 2002 Quadrunner LTF500F 4 x 4. This manual really is avaiding me. My motor is making some noises now & I might need to get in there to find the issue. Im thinking timing chain or a bearing in the trans. Either way Id like to look thru a manual before tearing into it. Please let me know if anyone possibly has found one. I looked thru all the possible ones that are close to mine, but they all appear to be a bit different.
      Thanks Guys / gals.
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      Is the shift pattern on 98 lt- f500f 1 down 4 up or all up???
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      Any one out there with a 98 Suzuki LT-f500f???I need help with a neutral switch prob.
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      Just got over the weekend and can't even get a sputter from it starter clutch missing the top idler so it's pull rope only. Seems to have plenty of compression and it has spark when checked with plug out 
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