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2006 Arctic Cat 400 TRV 4x4


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Please bear with me as this will be a long post.  Here goes... This summer I started working on a 2006 Arctic Cat 400 TRV (green).  I replaced the carburetor because the electric choke wasn't working.  After doing this and checking the fuel pump and gas, I was able to get the atv running.  It would idle great and sounded great, BUT when I tried to give it gas, it would bog down and die.  I thought the carb may need adjusting, but when fooling with it and trying to solve the throttle issue, the starter got hot and busted a magnet.  So then I replaced the starter with a brand new one.  Then it would act like it was going to start but wouldn't.  When I started inspecting further and looked that the stator and flywheel, the flywheel had a loose magnet.  So then I replaced the stator and flywheel with a brand new one.  I also replaced the solenoid, and the ignition solenoid.  I replaced it because i was getting fire down to the starter solenoid, but not to the spark plug.  I was getting fire to the plug but lost it.  So, from the time the starter got hot and busted a magnet, I have not been able to get the atv to run.  Sometime between replacing the flywheel and stator and starter, I have lost power to the start button.  I have looked at all of the wires and made sure there wasn't a naked wire or something causing a short.  When testing wires with a tester, I believe I was getting fire to pretty much everything.  I can't remember if I was getting fire to the start button. but I'm assuming I'm not.  Don't hold me to that though.  When testing the stator, I'm not getting fire.  I know you can get bad parts even if they're supposed to be new.  What are yall's thoughts on what can be the problem?  I have literally worked on this bike for going on 4 months in between waiting on parts to arrive.  I don't know what else to check.  I have another stator that I know is good that I'm going to try (maybe tomorrow).  With all of the problems I've had, I swear this atv is cursed or something.  LOL!  Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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There are two known issues with that model year machine, one is the magnets coming loose on the flywheel and wire harness problems. (wires rubbing through)

You can get a service manual and the schematic for free from this website:



This should help you trace out the problem to figure out the electrical issue.


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Thanks. I replaced the flywheel with a brand new updated one that doesn't have the magnets like the original. I have physically looked at every wire in the wiring harness. There was a few that had some rubbed places. I fixed and taped those. Still no fire and start button still doesn't work.

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Rubbed wires was a problem with the 2006-2007 models, I had a 2007 model. Wires still could be broken even if it looked like they did not rub through.

Your going to have to use a multimeter and the schematic to verify the wires, I am betting you have broken wires if you have no power to the start button. Best bet is to solder them and use marine grade heat shrink tubing then where the harness has problem spots, wrap them with plastic spiral wrap for protection. I would add this wrap to any area of the harness that looks like it can rub on rough spots. I did this with my 2007 machine and never had an issue with the wires again.



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Its handy to have the schematic with you on paper, but its too hard to read on one sheet of paper. this will help:


The website that has the schematics located here.


The file is large and includes a whole slew of schematics, the question is how to extract out the one you need and print it? The diagrams don't print well on a regular sheet of paper due to their size so here is a procedure to get the diagram you need and make a nice print. This will be with utilities you can get for free (the best kind image.gif.f7d6f796ce1c968546d43730824d25e7.gif

After downloading the large PDF of the schematics, go to this website here...

Tracker Software Products :: PDF-XChange Viewer, Free PDF Reader

Download pdf-xchange (its free)

Open the pdf file with this program. by clicking on the selections you can get to the exact schematic you need. Once its displayed do this:

File -> Export -> Export to Image

Select "Current page" , Image type "JPEG", choose your folder to drop the image, give it a name like "2006 400 auto" set page zoom to 100% and resolution to 300 or 400 dpi Then click export. You will now have a JPG of the page.

Next step is to go to this website...

posteriza.com - Home

Download the program (free) What this will do is allow you to tke this large JPG and break it up onto several pages. I use 4 for the schematics. Its pretty easy to follow and I print them without a border. Print them out and use an old fashioned "cut & tape" and you will now have a nice large printout of your schematic.


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