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polaris trail blazer 250 2 stroke


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If it has an oil pump and auto lube then, you can probably move the oil injection pump's control a little and check the smoke increases as you rev it a bit. The pump probably has a bleed screw/bolt too for bleeding the system if it's been dry. You could undo that and check the oil's getting through.

And the last and best way is to drive it and look back every so often and check there is smoke..haha.. More smoke after a bit of boosting and less when it's just ticking along.

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I'm not familiar with that bike but if you follow the oil lines from the oil tank down to the motor, you will I think find an oil pump, under a cover, but pretty easy to access for bleeding. Most of the pumps are controlled by a cable, and if you pull the cable a little it should increase the amount of oil going in, and make more smoke. There's also likely to be a scribe mark on the cable's wheel to be used to adjust the pump to the throttle setting. Best read the manual to check what that mark is meant to line up with, and whether it's at full throttle or idle. 

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I also recommend mixing oil with gas, pumps fail and then engine seize, but they have been around for a while and seem to be reliable, you can check it by unhooking the oil line from the carb and measure how much it is putting out, but only after you have put premix into your ga tank. tank.

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