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type and place for tires

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I have looked at a few threads and most are several years old.  I am looking at 2012 Honda rancher that only has a few hundred miles on it but the tires/battery are still original.  I am guessing I will need a new set?  The quad will be used on streets and rocky trails in PA.  Any recommendation for brand, type and place to buy them.  I know Amazon has them but am sometimes leery of what they sell.  How easy to dismount and mount a new set?  Any special tools or just let a shop do it?

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I have a 2005 Yamaha Kodiak 450 I bought from a John Deere dealership in 2011.  Previous owner worked  for them as a parts man.  As he was going to put a blade on it for snow removal he switched tires right away..  He went with ITP mud lite radial tires and went from 25" tires and put 8x12x26 on all the way around.  Tread pattern is like farm tractor style with just over 5000 miles on them.  They are some real grippers and in fact I put a 10 or 20 gal. sprayer on the back but beings the Yamaha's have locked rear ends it barffed up the yard on the turn arounds on the end when turning around.  My wife had a 2004 Yamaha Bruin with wider angled more worn out tires so I had to put the sprayer on it.The ITP's have held up very well I assume because they are radials.  They are not cheap though and are getting some weather checking but plan on a couple more years of service from them.  They have my vote


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If you're looking at a 2012 Honda Rancher with only a few hundred miles, it's a good idea to check the tires and battery as they can degrade over time. For the kind of terrain you're riding on, it's best to get a tire with good traction and durability. Popular brands include Maxxis, ITP, and Kenda, but make sure to read some reviews to find the best one for you.

As for where to buy them, you can check out specialty ATV shops, Amazon, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, or even the manufacturer. Just double-check the size you need before making a purchase.

Installing ATV tires can be a challenge, so if you're not confident in your DIY skills, it's best to have a professional shop do it for you. They'll make sure everything is mounted correctly and that your ATV is safe to ride.

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It took me and my brother giving it all the beans to get some 12" tries on rims recently and we got the right bars to do it, soaped the tire up good, my 3rd brother had to loan us some weight to finish each one off and I managed to damage my rims a bit on the edges(which the stuff I ride in was bound to do anyways) and it hurt to watch myself do this to brand new rims so do yourself a solid and pay someone to mount. I'm sure others may disagree and say it's easy but I'm not buyin it. I have 26" kenda executioners on 12" ITP Delta steel black rims, the hookup is insane. Rigged up some puppy lockers and I haven't managed to get it stuck yet try as I might 

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