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Suzuki kingquad 300 wont take throttle

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1992 Suzuki kingquad 300 with 17000 kms.

New intake boot same old problem. Starts and Idles perfect, wont take any % of throttle. Same tune i had as when it got flooded with water. 

All i did since then:

Cleaned the top and bottom of the carb and jets.

Swapped different plastics onto it.

Rebuilt the starter.

Added another ground. (Since removed)

Extended the positive terminal so it can fit without strain.

Added battery.

Swapped carb diaphragm off of another. (No holes)

Did a temporary oil cooler delete.

Flushed and replaced the oil.

Just added a brand new intake boot & gasket....


Had it running perfectly just days ago minutes after i siliconed the intake gasket. It has since melted away from gas i assume. Didn't touch it for 4 days went to go for a ride and bogged and bogged. Replaced the gasket and intake boot to no avail, so i really don't know what's going on now. 

The spark plug is dry carbony but it's the same tune as before..

Has good fuel flow in the line, fuel is new.

I was testing spark yesterday and it was bright orange. And it eventually went back to its white, Not blue by any means.


Before i replaced the intake boot it would take tension on the throttle and you would get 2000 rpm max before it bogged..

Since i replaced it, it won't take any at all. Spraying flammable liquids into the carburetor had the same bog result. I tried spraying said flammable liquids around the head boot seal and didn't notice any difference. I didn't try for too long.


boot to head is tightened as much as i could with a screwdriver + less than a quarter turn with a ratchet.

Previous silicone very possibly could have fell into the combustion chamber and did something there??...


No difference with any choke, with or without airbox boot, pressurizing the fuel tank, battery disconnected.. there was a point where i left choke on and had the air filter that came with it on and it flooded the whole airbox with fuel, That was when i was building compression because i lost all of it during the flushing process. (It's back now)

Im lost! This thing was perfect until i got water in the oil and flushed everything and what not. Its only been less than a week since then so theres no chance the fuel went bad.

 Ps the switch is a neutral safety switch bybass. It really hates itself with the switch off. It makes a knocking noise and idles with a surge. Is perfect with a battery connected off and on but without a battery it has to be on..


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It acts like the main jet is stopped up, but you cleaned that, so im thinking maybe some of the silicone you say melted may have made its way into the carb, I would check for that if you haven't already done so.

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15 minutes ago, Gwbarm said:

It acts like the main jet is stopped up, but you cleaned that, so im thinking maybe some of the silicone you say melted may have made its way into the carb, I would check for that if you haven't already done so.

The silicone was at the base of the head. There is no silicone before the carburetor, it does act like the jet it stopped up but i sprayed brake clean right through it and can see light through it clear.

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20 minutes ago, spock58 said:

It might be low on compression, have you done a test for that yet?

I have not done a proper test as i don't have the right adapter. The compression is about the same as it was the day water got in it, its enough to just barely hurt your hand upun pulling it over 

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On 5/25/2023 at 12:32 AM, Gwbarm said:

Good you got it fixed sometimes little things will drive you nuts, you did a lot of work , thats a good thing now you know its all nice and clean.

About that. It wasn't the problem. It was a tube i put over the vents to prevent dirt from getting in. I tore a quad apart because of a 2 inch peice of rubber haha 

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