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Some pictures from 08 mud runs in Sedgewickville,MO

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Well me, and dad went down to are cousin's place in Sedgewickville. It's about 30-40miles from Cape Girardeau MO. He started this event about 6 years ago. It all started as 5 guys useing beat up trucks in this pond. Now the place is huge , and its a huge event all around there. We get people from out of state just want to trash their trucks, UTV's, or ATV's.

We left are house around 6am, and got there about 8am. We was the first people there. So he drove us around telling us what they added, and took out this year. They change it everyyear. This year they added a rock crawling spot, and 3 more mud pits.

So about 11am to noon people started to come in with trucks on trailer's, and all that. We was still getting people coming in at 5pm. It cost $5 each to get in but dad, and me free, and got staff shirt's. :yes:


But we ran that ATV all day in the mud. We had to wash the raditior out twice because it overhated. There was so much mud in there the raditior fan couldnt turn, and was smoking like a :mad:. It looked like you was doing a 15 min burnout on in a car on paved roads in 20 secs.


But overall it rocked. We was also last people to leave also. We didnt leave till like 11pm.

The connection out there was so bad. everyone had 1 bar of connection. Lucky I knew a place to get 3 bars :laugh:

They counted 112 trucks, 5 utv's, and 35 atv's that day. All these pictures I took around noon. Besides the picture of next to my dad's truck AFTER the 2nd wash on it, and it was only 4pm.:laugh:


This was the first truck of the day to hit the mud, and first to get stuck my dad's 2nd cousin's truck. *Allen's toy 2* dont ask what happen to the first truck:laugh:

I forgot the guy on the tractor going to pull him out. But my dad does...



Well they are started to fill up at 11-ish am.



Some trucks that I don't know



Some more trucks I dont know. But do know who's driving the red tractor lol.



Starting to get better :yes:. The white S10 was Johney (are cousin) that runs the place. All day he was driving around checking up on all the team's/group's, and that.












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