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2005 Kodiak 450 4x4 rear axle oil leaking


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Hey all, I'm a 2-stroke quad/dirt bike guy, new to utility atvs. Just picked up a pretty clean looking 2005 Kodiak 450 4x4 with about 1,000 hours on it for my dad.

The first thing I noticed when we got home was oil leaking from a seal on the rear axle. Pictured below. I've been staring at this frigan Partzilla diagram for days and can't figure out what part this is. What is it and what likely needs replacing/fixing?

Also wouldn't mind any recommendations on the next things to check. The owner said nothing's been replaced on it but oil since it's been in service. Def needs new rear tires.

Thanks all!



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  • rockfresh15 changed the title to 2005 Kodiak 450 4x4 rear axle oil leaking

Yeah the seal is leaking, is is a very tiny leak, and as Mech said part #12, that is the fix, but me being the person i am i have to know why it failed, i would remove the dust cover and see if you can pin point the leak, see if anything has pinched the seal such as corrosion, trash stick, dust cover etc, sometimes you can get a small leak like that to stop if you clean it up a bit with kerosene, thats cause the seal to swell a bit, but most times seals just fail and have to be replaced. Just something to look at before you tear the axel out. 

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I think that seal can be changed without pulling the axle out..  I'd have a small lever/hook that would pull it out I'm pretty sure. If you can get something between the seal and the axle, something with a slight turn or hook at the end, you can quite likely pull/lever it out.

And yeah, I'd check why/if there's a reason it's leaking.. Perhaps a bit of grass wrapped around the axle, or a worn bearing, or the breather's blocked and the housing is pressurising when it gets warm.

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On 9/18/2023 at 9:56 PM, rockfresh15 said:

Ahh, ok thank you guys! This is my dad's quad so I'll have to take a crack at all this in a month or so when I'm back in town. How serious could it be in terms of what's causing it?

Anything else I might wanna look into checking on the bike?

just keep a eye on the fluid level until you fix it. Mines been leaking for years lol


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