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Dyneema on winches?

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Has anyone changed the steel cable on a 1500 lb. winch to dyneema?  Was this a positive move?  I live in the mountains of Ga. near the Ga/NC line.  There is lots of rocky ground, rough creeks and gullies, and too much red clay. I've used the steel multiple times (a couple of those I needed my doubling block) with no negative outcomes.  Anyway, are there benefits to Dyneema? What is the working life? Does the cost justify the effort to change?,

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It is supposed to be 15 times stronger than steel, never tested it. I have one winch that has it on it, it is great rolls up better than steel doesnt rust. I like it very much. I dont use the winch that often and i still have several steel cable winches that work very well, for me i would not change the cable on my existing winchs, but when they wear out, i would only buy a winch with dyneema on it, it is so much easier to use.  

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After more research i have decided not to use dyneema.  The necessity of washing it often after use, watching for small chips of dirt, or rocks watchins for cut strands of fiber and the cost of replacing it if damaged make this seem to be HIGH maintenance and unaffordable for my use.

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