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How's this for a wonderfu site?l

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    • By Gwbarm
      My Yamaha Big Bear shifts through all the gears good, goes into reverse smoothly, but when i go to get out of reverse it takes a lot of effort to get it back to first gear, and even then it does not go very smoothly, have to pull up on the pedal really hard, anyone else ever had this problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.    
    • By RiverRoad
      I need a wiring diagram pertaining  my polaris 1999 335 sportsman 
    • By Params_sweden
      Hi, my KLF300 Bayou 1994 from my other post can now ignite and run for a little while. It's running very rough, the idle is way off, I have to use both choke and gas to get it in a somewhat "idle" state otherwise it dies. Let's fix it
      I think that the first priority is to get the idle stable, right now I can't get it to idle at all, it's either too high or too low and dying off after a few seconds. The setting of the idle screw doesn't seem to stabilize it, it's either too low or too high, if I get it between those states it's only running for a few seconds before dying. The ATV could idle and run last summer btw.
      What do you think I should do next? 
      / Pär
    • By Saskatchewaner
      Does anyone have any experience in converting a Honda ATC to 2 wheels? I've seen them called fat cat conversions or Honda hippos and they look like they could be a blast. I've got an atc 185 that I stole the (pretty much brand new aftermarket) rear end out of to put on a worn out 200m. Looking for opinions on mounting the rear end, if a mono-shock or two outside mounted shocks or no shocks at all. Or if anyone has ridden one and has an opinion if it's even worth doing?
      Thank you
    • By Peck
      having trouble with getting it to start .  where should i start my trouble shooting
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