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Please help: 1992 Honda Fourtrax


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I just rebuilt a 92 fourtrax which was sitting on the side of the road for about 6 years it’s a Honda so needless to say it’s running again but I really know nothing about its controles I am just looking for some one with the same modle to let me know about such things as recommended tire pressure, transmition and any thing that I may have missed in the blind transition from a motorcycle. Right now my quad has been running for all of two days, so its quirky to say the least I am used to a motorcycle and don’t know how much of the ride is damage or just different. It runs great it starts fine. However it is a bear to shift the clutch is plan scary and the gears all feel the same beyond super low if you have any words of wisdom or info for me I would be grateful.

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Welcome to the site and congrats on the find! Your clutch cable may be rotted to hell, and you could probably use a clutch rebuild. I'm assuming you changed all the fluids?

I'm also going to move your thread into the mechanics section, We have a certified Honda and Yamaha mechanic on our staff. He is the man when it comes to tis stuff. He is Raptor8 and give him a day or so and he will help you.

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Thanks I did change the oil and gas the last couple of days I have taken it out for a spin and found it to smooth out slightly I cannot wait to hear from the experts, as I am truly a newbie in this case. I love owning an ATV and have already started fabricating a plow system for it but I am still ignorant to the basics. I will pull off the primary this week and check the clutch cable to let you know I am still hoping for the 411 on tire pressure and transmission.

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yes, I would stay with about 5 lbs, maybe a little less. If you overpressure them they stretch out and don't shrink back to their original size....rem my atc185 Bot? that's what happened to it.

Hopefully some nice clean oil will help the clutch.....if not after a couple more rides, change the oil again and I'll help you adjust it. it's simple.

Tell me more about this fourtrax OK? the sticker is on the sterring head [front of frame] and will have model, year and vin. I just need the model and year so we know what we are dealing with.....LOTS of Honda guys on here, I am sure you will get PLENTY of help. Don't be afraid to ask!:wink:

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