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Announcing ATV World Record Attempt - 1200km of UAE Dunes

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Hi guys - new to the board and just dropped in to see if you have any advice and to let you guys know what's happening other side of the world - in the United Arab Emirates.

Mid-January me and two bros are going to attempt to be the first people to ride Around the UAE Off-Road.

That's around 1200km of serious sand dune desert (crossing the northern-most corner of the Rub al Khali, largest sand desert in the world) of flat gravel plains and of stark mountains - no touching tarmac.


We've registered for a Guinness World Record, and hopefully we'll be able to get it accepted.

6-9 days of insane riding, guys! 8) - January 16-24, 2009

We're going to be filming a web-documentary with helmet cams and we've got the support of companies that believe in the spirit of adventure:





and the UAE exclusive distributor:








The adventure of a lifetime starts with organizations that understand the drive for accomplishment, and without sponsors it would be impossible to do.

If there's interest on the board, I'll be glad to keep you guys updated on how we're preparing, on what the route is, how we're organizing, and what difficulties we face and how we'll work to overcome them - your advice or comments or warnings are welcome!

If our adventure can inspire yours, then make us welcome! :cool:


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This is one our newest members, he and some buddies are about set out for what I can only call the MECCA of EPIC RIDES. Please show these guys the support they deserve. I made this sticky becuase he has agreed to keep us updated as much as possible. From a check list of stuff to carry in their bags to what they will need in the support trucks. If anyone has any words of encouragement or advise, now is the time to help our brother out!

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Thanks guys!

We realize the enormity of our adventure and the risks involved, and that's why we need perfect preparation and planning - as perfect as we can get, at least.

If you can help question everything and find any weaknesses before we're out in the sand, that would be great. Maybe you'll catch something we missed, and that something could make the difference between.. well, let's leave it at that! LOL

We are psyched, we are prepped, and we got great sponsors to back us up - and we're going to rip through that desert like no one has before! 8)

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So can you tell us about the quads you will be riding? Are they stock? Are you meeting the support trucks at certain spots or are they following you? What made you guys want to try this?

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LOL - sure! The terrain will blow your mind, man. It's like Mars, or some incredible movie set. It's beautiful at the same time, you feel awe at such immensity. It's really something special - one of the most extreme places on the planet.. like, maybe Antarctica, or I don't know, the Sahara!

Anyways, to answer your questions:

The quads are stock KTM (except for twist throttle and extended tank) and they absolutely rock. I review vehicles for a magazine for a living and the KTM are at the top at this moment in time, IMO. Check them out: KTM ATV

Support vehicle is a 2009 Ford Expedition, with lift and custom bumpers (I think, it's still being prepped), so that will give us plenty of room and towing power. It runs a 5.4L V8 Triton engine with an output over 300HP and enormous torque, so that beast will pull a 2-quad trailer loaded with all our stuff.

We plan to meet up with the Ford every three hours; the support vehicle must remain safe as it's our lifeline.

Edited by prossett

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Oh, I know all about the KTM quads. Which model are you running? 450XC, 525XC, 450SX or the 505SX? I would guess the 525XC but it's not me.

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They will be a 450XC and a 525XC, and the KTM guys are serious about backing this adventure. Motor oil samples will go back to Austria for analysis, and they want all sorts of feedback.

Very impressed with both machines - in stock form they are ready for this trip. I was looking at building them up a bit but, really, they are perfect as is.

I just hate the thumb throttle on any quad...

The suspension I feel is their best feature: plus no overheating issues of any kind, and there's so much power throughout the range to keep you smiling at every climb!

The best thing about KTM was their immediate reaction when we approached them - You want to do what??? Well, we'd better help you guys out... 8)

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For any of the navvy freaks out there, we're using mrsid sat images from NASA (bit dated, year 2000) in Ozi Explorer, which links to our Garmin GPS from a laptop in the Ford Expedition support vehicle without needing internet connectivity. Plus 2 GPS on the quads themselves.

We also check up on Google Earth because they have recent sat maps, but we only use their free service.

Here's a screenshot of the southwestern part, coming down from the northwest corner and across the heavy-duty dunes of the Empty Quarter, called the Liwa area in the UAE - that's to the bottom right of the image.

The yellow waypoints show our intended route. I just put these at random to give an idea, as our own files are jam-packed with yellow markers.


This is what the Liwa dunes look like close-up:


Here is the continuation of the first image, from centre to southeast corner and then up north.


This is our final stage, but it's worrying from a navigation standpoint because it's sharp mountains we need to cross west to east. The yellow line shows the border between UAE and Oman.


And this is a close-up of those mountains - finding our way is going to be tough.


I have all sorts of details if anyone's interested in more on the route or terrain, or how we're running this.

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Yeah man - wide open desert dunes! 8) Nothing like it!!!

Quads are the ideal vehicles for this - fast, agile, don't get stuck...

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LOL - they'll go back to the dealer. Maybe he'll sell them, maybe keep them as demos... I wonder what they would do to us if one went "missing" in the desert... ;)

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WoW that looks awesome. Please keep us updated on your progress. Is there anyway you guys can take a computer and have internet access? I would be cool but I don't know if it is possible.

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We'll have a laptop linked up with our Garmin 276c GPS, so we can run sat maps on it and see our location and progress, and map-out the stages ahead, but no internet connection.

What we'll do for updates is send out text messages over GSM, since we supposedly will have network coverage.

What helmet cams would you suggest? We're thinking http://www.vio-pov.com/

Edited by prossett

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This is Great!!!!

Has anyone watched Long Way Down????

I hope this Trip is every bit as interesting as That show....

We wish you Luck and Safe Passage to the End......

Make sure you keep updating:wink:

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This is very interesting. Are you guys going to have updates via specific website? Is there a site set up for this?

We would be more than happy to set up a page/sub forum for you if you are interested.

Good luck guys, I'll be watching this thead for updates!

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Yes, I'll keep updating your community as we go along!

A couple of quick updates right now:

2 new official sponsors: Red Bull, who will be providing us with satellite connectivity so we can do live uplinks, and Emarat4x4, a club of desert crazies who will be offering us logistical support: check out Emarat4x4 • Portal

We've also launched a Facebook Group, open to all so link up there with us as well: 1200 Km in the UAE desert ? 1200 Km nel deserto degli Emirati Arabi | Facebook (1200km in the UAE Desert)

We received Vio-POV helmet cameras, and they look quality! Tomorrow I'm going to test them, so I'll see if I can show you what the terrain looks like over here.

4 weeks to go!

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Thanks guys! 8)

Well, I'll tell you right now you can definitely get them to give you a quad. I don't mind sharing how it worked for us.

First of all it helps to be in a growth market, so when cuts are being made you're going to find it hard.

If the conditions are so that the company is advertising, then monitor the ads they are taking out. Phone the magazine/newspaper and ask for their advertising rates so you'll know how much the company is shelling out.

Then you prepare your plan that shows how much exposure you'll get them and how much it would cost them if they went through regular advertising channels. That shows them what a great deal supporting your adventure will be for them.

Fundamentally, they run a business.

That's also why I'm here on quadcrazy.com telling you about our plans - it's part of my deal to update forums of quad-lovers.

When you can show them that for 1/5 or 1/10 of advertising cost, you can get them equal if not better exposure, then it's win-win for both you and them, and you will get your quad.

Once I'm done this adventure, I don't mind joining forces with you and seeing what we can come up with 8)

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