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I got my Seagate 500GB external harddrive today yeehaw! Between three computers that brings my storage up to 780 GB.

Bot it from Walmart.com, most ppl don't know that even exists, but they sell a LOT of stuff online that doesn't go to the stores.

it was $84 including freight. Seagate. 500GB 5 [FIVE] year warranty.

I'm an idiot [ask admin or quadcrazy] when it comes to THIS stuff, but pics and videos is where I live and this is just what I needed. Cannot beat the price, may even get another one! Took me 5 minutes to set up. VERY IMPRESSED. walmart.com check it out.


OH, one other item I got was a dvd player HDMI upconvert. Magnavox, works beautifully, very happy, about $55. What it does is upconvert ANY DVD from 480SD to 1080iHD and YES it WORKS. No need to blow all that cash on a blueray!!!

I took some old VHS of 8MM family stuff and ran it thru the Lite-On to burn it to dvd. then we watched the dvd in the upconvert player. It was awesome! Hooks up to HDMI ONLY to work. excellent! Question? happy to oblige!

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I think the best purchase I ever made [well one of em] was this 19" widecreen LCD monitor. Having been with computers clear back to the plasma screens of the late 70's, I'm sure it has had an affect on my eyesight. and sitting for hours in front of a TV screen is NOT GOOD. and I paid a LOT for that monitor too. Clear, but very tiring. this LCD - no complaints, does not wear my eyes out at all. Mine says 'ENVISION' on it but I doubt it matters, seems Matsushita pretty much runs the world market.

I don't see a need to go bigger, do you? perhaps when TV tuner cards are $10 each....:cute:

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Yeah Ajmboy, you did a good job there! I remember reading that! 3 and 4 AM is where I live but NOT out in the cold, unlike most other people hahaha. I did ALL my shopping this year online and you can catch some GREAT one-day deals and a lot of FREE freight- they finally realized- hell, I have a cup of coffee ready for the UPS man a couple times a week! That and USPS which has been really good, considering my mailbox is a long way away and completely vulnerable to idiots and hormone monsters, I have received pretty much everything I ordered......if I didn't receive it I don't know about it yet hahahaa:cute:

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those are the same pennies. I used a small box, some of that wall foam that expands, put some foam in, poured all the pennies in the middle and covered her over.

as for pics it just escapes me. I do lots of video and photo editing but this stuff frustrates me. For some reason I can't make it work! must be a setting somewhere...

I just signed up for 7Mbps speed and if I like it, I will go to 12Mbps. 20 is available, but I can't afford it....

I am sure there are skills you are better at than others....

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      I admit it. I am a coffee snob. I try not to be obnoxious about it, but let the record show: I enjoy a really great cup of coffee. But pay $4 a cup for it? No way. Even snobs have their limits.
      Over the years, I’ve learned that a really good cup of coffee has less to do with money and more to do with knowledge and care. In fact—and this is the amazing thing—the more I learn, the less I spend.
      BEANS. Purchase whole bean coffee as soon after it has been roasted as possible. Freshness is the key to a superb cup of coffee. Purchase in small amounts—only as much as you can use within 2 weeks of being roasted.
      RATIO. The perfect ratio of coffee beans (prior to grinding) and water is: One-half cup whole beans to 8 cups of water.
      GRIND. Grind your beans as close to brew time as possible. A burr or mill grinder that crushes the beans is preferable to a blade grinder that cuts them. Once ground, coffee should be used immediately.
      WATER. If your water is highly chlorinated use bottled or filtered water. It must be right at 200 F, just short of boiling temperature, when it hits the dry grinds. This is critical to creating a great cup of coffee. Consume immediately.
      STORE. The enemies of roasted coffee beans are air, moisture, heat and light—in that order. Keep your beans in an airtight container that is not close to moisture (sink, dishwasher), heat (oven, stove) or light (countertop). Do not store your daily coffee in the refrigerator or freezer because contact with moisture causes it to deteriorate. For larger quantities of roasted beans that you cannot use within 2 weeks, wrap in airtight bags and store for up to a month in the freezer—making sure the beans are completely protected against moisture. Once removed from the freezer, do not return.
      BUY. Most supermarkets offer high-quality, roasted coffee beans for $.60 to $1 per ounce ($9.50 - $16.00 per pound). Ouch! Discount warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam’s and B.J.’s have considerably less expensive coffee at about $9 a pound for name brands like Starbuck’s and Peet’s. Still, that’s too rich for my blood.
      ROAST. I roast my own coffee for two reasons: It is infinitely better tasting and half the price. I purchase green coffee beans by mail order for about $4 - $6 a pound, depending on current conditions and variety. I started out roasting in a popcorn popper (West Bend’s Poppery II is ideal) and have graduated to a small coffee roaster. My favorite resource for everything from roasting instructions to green coffee beans is http://www.u-roast-em.com/. Owner Jim Cameron has a wealth of knowledge and is anxious to share.
      You won’t believe how easy it is to roast coffee. And enjoyable, too. I roast only one-week’s worth at a time—about twenty minutes. Green coffee beans have an indefinite, useful shelf life of at least a year, and probably two or longer. But I’ll never know. Coffee beans just don’t last that long around my house!
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      I know all quads are good and tough but thought it might be good to hear opinions as to what member think is the best, from your experiences.
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      I just have a question.
      If I was to buy 3 Wheeler from a private party say a 1985 Honda 350 can I get it made street legal and if not can I still ride it out in the Arizona deserts?
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