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Happy V-Day

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Reviving this thread...as today is the big V-Day. My wife is working, so I sent her a dozen long stem roses to her job....:yes: Also got her some kind of skin care kit she wanted...with some kind of sonic waves or something...

She did by me a hair trimmer for my ear and nose.....:elvis:..for the big V!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

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I woke up to the Police at my door and arresting my wife, happy freakin Valentines day. Long story not so short, my wife got arrested the summer before last on a B.S. situation caused by two of her so called "friends". I never approved of these scum by the way. Anyways when it came time to fess up, they denied what they had done, and left my innocent wife to take the fall. Completely frustrated and pissed off at the whole thing she kind of ignored her probation requirements, against my recommendation. I realize that she did not do anything wrong, but I tried to explain to her that if she didn't follow through with the orders that it would only get worse. We heard nothing for a while, and about two weeks ago, she got a letter from the department of corrections, I assume it was a warrant, but she just round filed it like everything else, so she had no idea that she had a warrant for her arrest. Well, she found out today. The real crappy thing is, not only is it a crappy Valentines day for her, but it is sunday and tomorrow is a holiday, so she can't see a judge until Tuesday, that means no bail and she has to sit there until she goes to court at 1:30 PM on Tuesday. Meanwhile, I am stuck here at home with a disabled child, so my Mother-in-law is coming over to spend the night, so I can go to work tomorrow. So, in conclusion, St. Valentine can kiss my as*.

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DD good luck man, sorry to hear about the troubles. I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

MWKE sounds like a blast. Wish I could have gone.

Mine was relatively calm we have had guests for a week and they left early Sunday. After giving my wife her gifts and having a nap with her went to my in-laws with my son and did a tune up on his Jeep that I am driving until he is old enough. He did some practicing yesterday until it got dark and we had to go on some really populated roads.

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Thanks guys, I will be leaving work early tomorrow so I can be there to support her and kick the prosecuting attorney in the crotch. She kind of did this to herself this time, but there was no reason for there to be any charges in the first place, this is just one of those times when the justice system has failed. BTW, MWKE, I think that every Valentines day should be celebrated with several hundred bullets, I may try that myself next year.

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