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has anyone used them? do they really make a dramatic improvemnet on performance? are they worth the price and would you recomend them?


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If you have done anything aftermarket to your Bike,,,,Pipe Etc......You will likely have to Re-Jet....But not before you have done a Proper Plug Chop.....If you are runnin a Stocker.....Then you dont need to re jet....Its Wast of money.....If you do re jet....You DONT need the Whole Kit....Wast of money.....

And yes....I have used them..Worked Fine....

Also,,,,If you buy a new pipe from X Brand Company....They normally Supply you with the "Jet Kit" you will need to get the Proformance out of that pipe....

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has anyone used them? do they really make a dramatic improvemnet on performance? are they worth the price and would you recomend them?


I have used one on my Arctic Cat DVX400.I installed a full system exhaust and an air intake kit on it.The exhaust I bought came with a jet kit;but it was only a selection of main jets.I installed the recommended main jet and at idle the headpipe turned orange hot(similar to right before you apply air on a cutting torch) and it shot flames out the muffler even w/ the spark arrester in:mad:.I ordered a dynojet kit and it came with the main jet selection,an adjustable needle(oem was non adjustable),a drill bit for the fuel screw plug,and some very well written instructions.I installed the stage 2 setting of the dynojet kit.It now never turns colors and runs very well;excellent throttle responce,no bog,the e fan doesn't come on as often,and I'm getting better fuel economy also:biggrin:.I've read a jet kit helps a stock machine but have no personal experience on that.Hope this helps

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