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Cops on ATVs at puri in Orissa.India

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On 14th August our concept of TERT ( Tourist Emergency Response Team )

was lunched on Puri Sea beach by SP sri Soumendra priyadarshi.

Rangers AF introduced the use and application of ATV ( all terrian

vehicle ) specially imported from Taiwan.

Several police officers experimented and drove around the sandy

beaches with a lots of enthusiasm and thrill.

The joint effort will responce to Rescue and search operation around

Puri and Konark on demand,It will be supported by tourist Police and

operators of RAF.

It is to be noted that Puri Police alongwith RAF has outsmarted all in

safety scenario in beach policing and they are the 1st to do it.

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the local sheriff's department has atv's they use at the fair grounds and they have also used them at local areas that people ride at to stop them and check to see if the atv's are stolen.. they have even used them when looking in the local river bottoms for drugs that are being grown ...lol

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