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    • By caperwing
      The quad starts good and runs good if the choke is on just a little. I installed a carb kit and backed the screw out 13/4 turns to where it was . Any ideas?
    • By fourtrax92
      Took the honda out through some fairly deep water the other day and when I let off of the throttle the exhaust would backfire. After a few minutes it quit me. I let it sit a while and it started again. Drove it about 2 miles and it quit twice on the way back. Let it sit a day and it seems to run just fine again. Im sure something got wet, just wondering what got wet and how to water proof it. Thanks
    • By oldskoolhookers
      Altough I new to the forum I not new to riding. I have been riding for a few years at different parks around the Houston area and enjoy every minute I get to ride. Just recently I have encountered a problem with my quad. After riding the trails I had helped someone back to their vehicle by pulling them. Their front ball joint had snapped so I put my quad in reverse to pull him so I could watch and make sure nothing happened. Ever since then when I go in reverse under heavy acceleration my quad boggs down. I can use the over ride button with no problem when pushed. I have already replaced the belt and cleaned the clutch plates really well. I am at a lose. Any suggestions?
      2007 Suzuki King Quad 700 4X4
    • By gmel
      Need some help please.
      My 2005 250 ozark starts, idles, and runs great for about 5 minutes. Then it wants to shut off at idle and restarts ok but won't idle. After riding it for a while longer it dosen't want to start once it shuts off.
      After rebuilding the carb is when it, starts, idles, and runs great for about 5 minutes.
      Fresh gas, checked the petcock for blockage.
      This seems to be a common problem, any one know a fix?
    • By Ajmboy
      My wife and I have been away for a little over a week..out of state...
      We got a chance to check out Hawaii and stayed in Waikiki. we flew 2 hours down to Atlanta from NY, then 10 hours direct to Honolulu.
      Pretty amazing as we've never even been to the carribean. We got a chance to got to Pearl Harbor and passed the Kahloa Ranch on a drive up the coast, where you can rent an ATV, but didn't do it. Attached some pics for anyone interested in checking out the scenery.. Also got attacked by some parrots..lol....Aloha and Mahalo for reading this thread!

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