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2002 Scrambler Upgrades??


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I have a 2000 Scrambler that I was going to enter into the modified ATV contest but I missed the closing date. However, I will list a few items here and try to post some pictures. Complete custom paint job done by me with rattle cans, flam shock covers, flame seat cover, flame hand grips, bored engine 30 over, rebuild and polished top end, bored and polished carburator, custom headder pipe, custom exhaust pipe, HMF performance muffler, custom hand guards, custom made two inch lift, 26 inch mud lite tires, chrome wheels, custom rebuilt drive clutch, custom rebuilt driven clutch, custom made winch mount, 2500lbs winch with blue synthetic rope, extra headlights, and many more little improvements. Bike has very good torque and very fast top end, even with the over sized tires.

I bought this bike new in 2000 and bought a Polaris 850xp Browning eddition back last year, so I took the time to rebuild this bike for my wife to ride. She wont ride anything else and goes every where the big Polaris 850xp goes.

I posted a before picture and four after pictures. I appologize but some of the mods I have listed were completed after the these pictures were taken, this was last springs project and planning a few other things for this spring. I will try to update the post with some newer pictures as I get the new mods completed.

Please tell me what you think about my wife's little pink and black ride. If anyone wants more details, please let me know. I am looking forward to some constructive thoughts and any new ideas that maybe offered

THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Scrambler rebuild 002.jpg

Scrambler rebuild 003.jpg

CIMG2244en (2).jpg






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