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New X-Tream Clean Product Dealers

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Hello guys & gals,

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have some new dealers that are carrying our product line and hopefully some of them are near you. If so, please stop by and pick up some X-Tream Clean Products and always remember to Clean 'Em Up After You Ride!!

Adams Performance - Mooresville, NC

Tommy Johnson's Motorsports - Denver, NC

Car Quest - Newland, NC

Champion Honda & BMW - Charleston, SC

J&L Saw Shop - Monroeville, AL

AK Motors Performance Center - Vandergrif, PA

The Rider Network/Moto2Motion - Sheboygan, WI

We have also revamped our website so stop by and check it out at Welcome to XTream Clean.

New products will also be out soon and I will post info here as soon as they are available.

Thanks again,

Mark Skerlak

X-Tream Clean Products

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      Have a carb off an '07 Big Bear 400 that sat a couple of years, probably more.  Friend asked me to clean it, which I did, soaking the jets and spraying out all of the ports with carb cleaner as best I could.  Replaced o-rings, needle valve & seat, tweeked float level.  Bike starts and idles well but doesn't want to pick up above 1/4 throttle.  That would appear to be in the slide needle range.  Main jet is clean, needle is clean and straight, diaphragm good.  It seems I saw (in a diagram) a port that comes into the slide needle area from the side.  This would be in the carb body between the main jet and the throat of the carb.  I would like to soak the carb in Gunk Carb Cleaner, the gallon paint can with a little basket.  Curious what Mikuni uses for bearings and seals in the throttle shaft.  I'm guessing HDPE or Delrin, or maybe brass; not sure what effect Gunk would have on the polymers.  Has anyone actually soaked a carb in Gunk??  First hand knowledge, please, and what effect, if any, on the carb.  Pulling the throttle shaft out would be a last resort.  Getting the butterfly screws out and staked back in would seem to be a nightmare.
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