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HELP....i just got a 2003 yamaha 350 wolverine all wheel drive.


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Can anyone tell me where the oil filter is and what type of oil to use? And where can I buy a master cylinder for my back brake without going totally broke? Oh, and can you tell me how to get the AIR filter off, I found it but can't get it off. I have no manuals or anything and don't want to mess anything up. Thanks

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1st off, welcome to the site. To find the oil filter, trace the oil lines from your oil cooler, back to the motor, they will run right to the oil filter cover. As far as the oil you should use, I recommend a semi-synthetic oil, that is specifically designed for use in 4-stroke motorcycle and ATV engines. Your machine probably uses 10-40 wt oil for temperatures up to 110 degrees, if it is hotter than that, use 20-50 wt oil, you can use the 20-50 as long as the temperature is above 50 degrees. The 10-40 is better as long as it isn't too hot. To get the air filter out, I think you just pull the whole unit straight upward out of the box, then take the filter off the guide. I am not 100% sure on that though. Now do you need a new master cylinder because your quad doesn't have one, or does it just need to be rebuilt, a rebuild kit runs about $55 from an online parts retailer. If you do need a new master cylinder, a new OEM one is about $100 and it is complete. If you buy a used one, you may need to rebuild it, or you may get a piece of junk that is too worn on the inside to even rebuild. So you need to determine if it is more cost effective to buy a used one that possibly needs rebuilding, or just buy a new one and be worry free. Usually ebay will have used parts for almost anything, but I searched and only found front master cylinder stuff. So it may be difficult to even find a rebuildable used one. You may try finding and searching ATV salvage yards if there are any in your area. IMO, the best and easiest thing to do would be buy a new one. Lastly, I would highly recommend buying a service manual, if you are going to be working on and maintainig the machine yourself, it is really a must have. Here is a link to a PDF manual, that can be sent out on CD or downloaded straight to your computer for $5, a great deal considering that the paper manual would cost about $80.

95 - 05 YAMAHA WOLVERINE SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL: eBay Motors (item 160473327672 end time Sep-25-10 08:43:02 PDT)

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