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Worn gaskets = bad compression??

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hey, me and a buddy have been working on his 2003 ltz 400 for a week or so now. He has bad compression and starting problems. We tore down the top end, expecting to find a bad ring or something along those lines, all of his rings were stuck shut inside the piston, we cleaned out the rings and ring seats, freed them up. Still bad compression.. So we tool the valves apart, found out that he had a couple of slightly bent valves, we replaced those, got the wheeler back apart, still low compression and wont start. During these tear downs, we did not replace the gaskets, as you can guess they are pretty worn by now. Is this leading to his compression problems? If not does anyone else have any suggestions, because im out of ideas :P.


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just do it right and do it once.... stuck rings= bad sign...

just a cleanup wont make the rings new again- they are shot.

sounds like you'll need a bore job, a new piston and rings.

as for the valves- ashop can do that for you.

buy a gasket set- shop around online you'll find one at a decent price.

if it's worn out- and it sounds like it- there's only one way to fix it.

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